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A-list your nails with easy to apply nail art

A-list your nails with easy to apply nail art

Nail art is a popular way to instantly add panache and flair to any outfit, polishing you and bringing instant elegance and femininity to your look.  Favoured by many celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, there are a dizzying variety of styles you can choose from to express yourself and decorate your nails.  From intricate and delicate flowers to bold and punky avant-garde designs, the choice is certainly not limited, but learning how to apply nail art designs can often be a tricky and time-consuming process.

If you can’t, or don’t have the time or patience to sit squinting over a tiny brush picking over thousands of rhinestones to make up a design, then you might think your only alternative is to go to a professional.  But unlike the stars who have nail artists on speed dial, visiting a salon can be a wallet-draining experience, with most of us earning less than celeb-worthy salaries.  Salon designs start upwards of £25, but will only look their best for about a week.  The solution is simple - easy to apply at home false nails that never chip or spoil - pre-decorated with beautiful professional looking designs!

Whether you like to sport hearts, flowers, or the high-end diamond look on your fingertips, the range can provide the perfect finishing touch to your attire.  Going to a swank city centre club and want something ultra-stylish and sophisticated?  How about this high end looking set of Gold Dipped talons - just perfect for adding that touch of bling to your urban club chick look.

Or maybe you finally nailed a special date with that hot guy you’ve been hoping would ask you out for weeks and you want a sexy but feminine design that hints at romance?  Look to this flirty and passionate red crystal encrusted manicure if you want to inject more than a hint of wow into your date night outfit.

You might be an ultra-feminine girly girl who loves pink, butterflies and all things pretty, or a sexy and tough cool chick who favours edgy and strong punky designs, but whatever your style expression, the Bling Art collection has you covered.   From these super girly pretty-in-pink butterfly falsies to these punk rock inspired black crossover matt finish tips, this collection makes it uber-easy to finish off any look with the ultimate accessory - gorgeous nail art.

Nail your A-Lister look with totally gorgeous falsies that take all the hard work out of adorning your fingers, and flaunt the perfect mani without any of the hassle, with designs that apply in seconds and last for days.  False nail art designs mean you can easily access the kinds of looks the celebs sport on their fingers at far less than movie star prices.

For around the price of a morning coffee you can enjoy high quality premium looking designs that last and won’t ever chip or spoil, and when it is time for them to come off you can just apply a whole new set, without ever worrying about breakage, having to grow your nails, or pay out for costly extensions. Bling up your style with some super gorgeous nail art and elevate your look to the A-list - easily and affordably - with fabulously fashionable falsies.

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