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All in the Finish

All in the Finish

We have taken great care to craft a range of nails that we are certain you will love.  This includes a range of different finishes.  However, you may wonder what this means, so here is a breakdown of some of the finishes we offer.




Gel Ombre False Nails






Our range of glamorous Gel Ombres are shimmering, glittery, shiny, and vibrant— basically, everything you need to make your fingertips look gorgeous and then some



To create the perfect finish for our Gel Ombre nails, we manufacture them in stages. First, we print the base colour, then spray on a glossy gel finish, to imbue our nail tips with depth and stunning shine.  Then we embed glitter to infuse with shimmer, and finally, to seal and protect, we finish off with a UV coating. This not only brings our Gel Ombre Nails to life but gives them an ultra-smooth, silky finish.  Suitable for girls who like to stay current, our glorious Gel Ombres provide the perfect finish that will help take a casual outfit from boring to beautiful.






Glitter False Nails






Our fashionable Glitter False Nails fuse unique high-quality nail art designs with fun femininity and a flawless, airbrushed finish. The nails are manufactured in three stages, first the base coat is applied then the glitter is sprayed on, and finally, the nail is protected with a top coat to seal and add shine and strength. Bling Arts Glitter False Nails are made using top quality premium materials, so they give a high-grade salon-style finish, which differentiates them from cheaper imitations.  Suitable to take your clubbing clothes to the next level, or add a hint of sparkle to an everyday outfit, our fabulous Glitter Falsies are guaranteed to bring some added wow to your nail wardrobe.






Matte False Nails






If youre looking for high quality, luxurious-feeling false nails, Bling Art Matte Finish nails are a perfect choice. A matte finish is hot right now, enabling your fingertips to look both stylish and sophisticated and with our wide selection of stunning shades, theres a colour choice for every outfit you own. Bling Art Matte nails are created using a matte printing press on technique and are super durable because they have a thicker matte coating than most.  They feel soft and leathery to the touch and last much longer, as they wear and chip less than other makes of matte nails. Suitable to add a hint of edgy glam to urban looks, chic street style, clubbing clothes, and casual wear. Bling Art Matte Nails offer you more choice than other brands because each of our shades is available in either a glossy tip for extra shine or with jewels if you prefer a little more bling.



These are just three of the finishes we offer, keep a lookout in future blogs and we will share some more of the range and how we have crafted them to ensure that you have the best choice of nails and can look totally on point where ever you go. 





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