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Bling Art’s Six Simple Steps to Beautiful False Nails

Stuck for cash but still want a glam manicure that any A-Lister would be proud of?

Apply at home false nails are the perfect alternative to shelling out for expensive trips to the salon, especially with the sheer amount of stylish choices now available. But some of us still shy away from at-home nail kits because the idea of having to apply them ourselves makes us seriously nervous.

Applying falsies doesn’t have to be a daunting task when you know how and you use the right at-home kit though.  First choose a style that suits, like one of the stunning designs available from the premium quality kits in the Bling Art Collection

There’s a design on offer to suit all tastes, whether you’re an urban luxury queen or prefer girly glam, and designs start from a budget-friendly £5.49. Try this Gold Dipped manicure if you’re a princess with the Midas touch, or turn to this Red 4 Danger Mani if you want to express your inner vamp.  Or, if you’re a real rock chick at heart, turn to this Pattern Power nail set for a colourful fix of stripes, stars, spots, and hearts.

Choosing is honestly the hardest part.  Once you’ve selected and purchased your nail kit, all you need to do is follow six simple steps to get salon quality nails that wow.

Before you begin, gather together everything you’ll require in a well-ventilated space.  The really handy thing about Bling Art’s nail kits is they come with all the stuff you need for a successful, lasting application; tips, glue, nail file, and cuticle stick.  Make sure you’re sitting comfortably, around a suitable work surface, and with everything in easy reach around you.

For a perfect application you will need:

Cuticle Stick - (Included in every Bling Art Nail Kit)

Nail File  - (Included in every Bling Art Nail Kit)

Nail Glue - (Included in every Bling Art Nail Kit)

False Nails - (Included in every Bling Art Nail Kit)

Cotton Wool

Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

Table or work surface to apply

Okay are you ready? Here are the six secret steps to gorgeous falsies that bling beautifully:

  1.        If necessary file the sides and cuticle area around your nails first to ensure everything’s tidy and to guarantee a more seamless fit.

  2.        Clean your nails of any polish or oil residue with an acetone free remover.

  3.        Carefully select the correct size false nail for each finger, filing the sides down for a better fit if necessary.

  4.        Apply a layer of glue to each false nail then apply a thin layer of glue to each natural nail.

  5.        Starting at the cuticle, press each false nail on and hold for 5 seconds.

  6.        File and shape your new nails.

Tada – a salon quality manicure in minutes – at a fraction of the cost!  Now your manicure’s sorted, you just have to decide what to wear with it;)

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