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Bling News: Naked is in!

  • Bling News: Naked is in!

You cannot help but notice that this week there has been one hot topic on everyone's lips. Celebrities and their lack of clothes!

Whilst the two main stories have the same outcome, the messages and the images themselves couldn't be more different. 

Both Keira Knightley and Kim Kardashian have this week been in the news for baring all for a magazine however whilst one image is powerful in it's message the other is proactive in its delivery.

Let's look at Keira first; she bravely agreed to showcase her body naked from the waist up for a cover feature. No touching up, no airbrushing, no photoshop. Just her stood with her imperfections on display and we think she looks utterly beautiful.

In comparison an equally (actually more so) naked Kim Kardashian is portrayed in all her glistening and airbrushed glory posing seductively and unashamedly. 

Keira states that her photo was a message to women around the world that they should not aspire to be like the images they see in the media as these are not always accurate. 

We are not sure the message that Kim was trying to convey, but we do have to say that she is definitely creating a stir regardless.

Whether you agree with Keira and want women to take pride in your body or you, like Kim, think we all need a bit of touching up from time to time you have to take your hat off and nod towards these beautiful and brave women for showing us more flesh then we thought possible to see! 

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