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Celebrities Famous for Their Nail Art

Celebrities influence all areas of life, and nail art is no exception. So, we thought we take a look at some celebrities who are famous for their nail art and have a huge following of people keen to see pictures of what they’ve been up to next. Who are your most popular celebrity nail icons?

Harry Styles

This is going to come as something of a shock, but the most popular searched-for famous person when it comes to nail art is actually Harry Styles. Over 3700 people search his nails every single day. It’s fair to say he has made some wonderful colourful nail choices over the years, and people just can’t get enough of having a look at them. When he released his own gender, neutral beauty line, which he said was inspired by little moments of joy and called Pleasing, he was photographed with yellow smiley faces on his nails. If you want to create a bit of colour on your nails, we have a fantastic range of multicoloured offerings in every colour.

 Kylie Jenner

In second place with over 3200 monthly searches is Kylie Jenner. She is known to be something of a fashionista, and many people follow and imitate her styling. Her most popular post was in May last year when she flaunted an all-black outfit with gorgeous black glossy stiletto nails. Black nails are always in fashion and are easy to wear with anything. We have an extensive collection of black nails that are timeless and never go out of fashion. From Matt, black to glossy and even decorated with chains, we have it all.

Cardi B

At just over 3000 searches each month, Cardi B has a large following of people interested in her nail art. She is pretty famous for having over-the-top, talon-size nails, which she decorates and bedazzles to the adoration of her fans. They are loud, but they are absolutely rocking the nail art community. She uses a range of Crystal studded letters and giant charms and spells cute messages like mama and her own name. There is no doubt that these nails are long and possibly not practical for most of us to wear every day, but there is something quite voyeuristic about following Cardi B and her nail collection. Our stunning range of ballerina nails is perfect for using as a base to create some amazing nail art of your own

Molly Mae Hague

Although she doesn’t quite attract the same popularity as the previous three, Molly-Mae Hague has 1300 searches to her name each month, with people keen to see her nail choices. She goes for elegance in complete contrast to Cardi B and keeps her nails understated and simple. How most popular nails were short and square, proving that the French manicure still has life left yet. We have plenty of French tips in our collection and even some colour twists to give it a modern lift,  so why not pop over to the shop and see what we have.

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