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Five Foods For Stronger Nails

Even if you rock the false nail look, as I do, looking after your own nails is still really important.  I like to pay close attention to what my nails are doing.  If you are run down, you will find that your nails are more prone to breaking and do not seem to grow well.  Thankfully there are a number of things you can eat that will help to boost nail health.  The good news is that they are good for your whole body as well so get eating these superfoods now for healthy nails and an increased overall body health. 

Leafy Greens

Leafy green foods generally rock.  They are super healthy and offer all sorts of benefits to the body.  In these mean greens, you will find iron and calcium as well as plenty of antioxidants.  This is why they make such favourite green juice ingredients because they really are packed full of the good stuff.  In terms of nails adding spinach, broccoli and kale to your diet will help reduce the risk of brittle fingernails and help you to keep your talons healthy. 


Whether you boil them, fry them or stick them in an omelette, eggs are an excellent source of vitamin B12 and vitamin D. They are also a really healthy source of protein.  Free range eggs are always the best, and the biotin found in all eggs is helpful for building thicker stronger fingernails.  


Another great food to eat when you are looking to build up the health of your nails is fish.  Fish has fatty acids known as omega-3 oils, and these are essential for a healthy diet.  When it comes to nails this oil is perfect for building nail strength and getting rid of nails that are prone to breaking and splitting.  It is also useful for joints and hair, so overall fish is a great healthy food to eat.  The health benefits of eating fish do not end there either.  The omega-3 oils are also useful for adding to the overall suppleness of nails making them harder to break. 


Little green bundles packed full of goodness for the body.  The humble green pea provides a source of protein, vitamin C and the critical beta-carotene and this is great for the health of your nails and your body.  By eating peas, you will be offering your nails the chance to grow faster and to have a stronger and better condition that if you are low on these vital health components. 


If you like a bowl of porridge in the morning, then the good news is you are helping your nails to grow stronger.  Oats are a source of vitamin B as well as being packed full of zinc, manganese and copper, all of which are crucial to a balanced diet.  All of these things are also really beneficial to healthy nails and help the body to grow really strong fingernails.  So grab your porridge tomorrow. 



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