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Frequently Asked Questions about Nails

Frequently Asked Questions about Nails


Question: How many nails in a set and what are the sizes?

Answer: Each set contains 24 nails, glue, nail file and a cuticle stick.

Sizes are as follows:

2 size 0
2 size 1
2 size 2
2 size 3
2 size 4
2 size 5
2 size 5.5
2 size 6
2 size 6.5
2 size 7
2 size 8
2 size 9

All our nails are manufactured to international size medium.

Question: Are your nails safe?

Answer: Bling Art false nails are Internationally certified and EU compliant, they are manufactured from high-quality virgin ABS plastic, this includes our top (UV) coating for that perfect finish.

Q: Will Bling Art nails damage my own natural nails?

A: Wearing and removing our false nails as per our instructions will keep your natural nails in healthy condition. Damage to natural nails is usually caused from removing the nails incorrectly. Pulling or prying the false nails off can damage your nails. Always try to soak them in acetone polish remover until they dissolve. We think Pure acetone works best.

Q: Can I wear the glue on nails longer than 10 days?

A: The nails should be removed and replaced with new nails every 7-10 days. Sooner if you notice them becoming loose. The glue will start to break down and can allow moisture to collect between the artificial and natural nail. This can cause a mould or bacteria to form.

Q: Why are my fingertips sore?

A: If you have flat nail beds, the curve of the artificial nail may cause a pulling sensation. The degree of discomfort varies. If the discomfort does not subside in a few hours, remove the artificial nails.

Q: How are the artificial nails removed and how long does it take?

A: For best results, we recommend using pure acetone polish remover. It is best to start by clipping off any of the artificial nail that is longer than your nail. Buff the surface of the artificial nail with a rough grit buffer trying to break through the top coat. Then soak in the remover until the nails are dissolved (approx 10-15 minutes). 


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