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New Year, New Plans?

New Year, New Plans?


If you have been restless at work for a while now, why not consider a change? Fashion is still a trendy industry to work in, and manicures are still a substantial part of the future - however, things are changing. Women are starting to take back control, and the age of gel manicures is pretty much over. So if you really want to work on nails what can you do?

Keep it Fresh

The biggest problem with gel manicures is the commitment. Whatever nail colour is chosen lasts for weeks, sometimes months and the only way to change it is to spend another stint of time, not to mention hit to the bank balance to change things. This is losing popularity as women want to be able to mix and match their nails on a whim to match outfits and fit with the event they are going to. When you add to this the hideous amount of damage gel nails do to your own nails, it is easy to see why this is no longer the suggested route for the budding nail technician.

Falsies Are the Future

We firmly believe and have the research to support our belief, that false nails are the future. They are quick and easy to apply, but we have gone to great lengths to ensure that they are also durable and will not pop off at a critical moment. Now, naturally these can be applied at home, but part of the nail bar ritual is also the social aspect and women still want a little me time and to be pampered. So, you can always have a lucrative business applying falsies and combining this with a hand massage and some TLC to the real nails underneath.

Nail Art

Art is still popular - especially around events like Halloween and valentines day etc. Using false nails as a base still means you can be uber creative with your nail art ideas, without needing your clients to have perfect nails, or ruining their real nails with the dreaded gel manicures. It is a trend that is gaining in popularity and certainly worth getting into. We have plenty of options available for nail technicians to stock our nails and create the perfect manicure for their customers.

Remember the Basics

Before you open up a nail bar in your kitchen, please do be aware of the basics. Hygiene is vital when you are working with people, and we are seeing a worrying amount of nail technicians who do not have any understanding of sterilisation of tools and essential cleanliness. You will need either disposable tools or an autoclave to ensure that you are providing a proper and hygienic service to your customers. It is not ok to use the same nail file on each client that visits - you can cross contaminate and be the cause of infection spread - which frankly won’t do your reputation any good at all!

If you would like to know more about our technician offers, please do get in touch - we wish you all the best for a new and successful career in 2018.

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