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Our top 5 favourite nail art trends

Our top 5 favourite nail art trends

It’s June already, and along with budding daffodils and milder temperatures, summer looks set to bring with it a whole new list of exciting nail art trends to get your talons on. At New York Fashion Week, statement nails were as high on the agenda as dark florals and oversized pockets.

From sleek and sophisticated to garish and girly, here’s our round-up of the top five nail art trends to watch in spring 2015. Best of all – they’re all quick and simple to do, so crack out those files and polishes, and get ready to recreate these at home.

1.)    Glitter-Dipped Tips

If you’re going for an elegant, refined look, or just don’t want to commit to full-on glitter, this subtle twinkle is perfect for you. Think of it as an indulgent throw-back to your teenage years – only updated. Seen everywhere on the catwalks this spring, this look is also versatile and deceptively easy to create.

Simply varnish nails with a strengthening, high-shine top coat, before dabbing a glitter tone of your choice on to the ends while it’s still wet. Choose from either an actual nail polish or a pressed glitter pigment; either way, the effect is whimsical, youthful and fun. Whether you choose black and silver for a rock chick edge or gold for a luxurious finish, just make sure you complete with a layer of topcoat to make sure the glitter doesn’t snag!

2.)    Metallic Mania

Ground control to Major Tom: we’re about to go space age. Moody metallic are back, and they’ve been given a stylish update by more nude, muted tones. Think tarnished copper, rose gold and burnt amber. You might choose to stick to softer shines or go for a full, aluminium sheen as seen at this year’s Erin Fetherston show. Either way, your talons will attract envious glances all around.

3.)    Go Gothic

Are you ready to embrace the dark side? The weather might be getting warmer, but one of this season’s key nail trends is a dramatically dark look. With an effect taken straight out of True Blood or Game of Thrones, this look might not work at the office, but it’s definitely perfect to add a touch of gothic glamour to a night out.

To achieve this look, use a narrow tip (a liquid eyeliner might do, or even the tip of a biro) to roughly splash red in rivulets down the nail. The end result shouldn’t be polished; but rough, raw and vivaciously vampish. Bloody good!

4.)    Nail Jewellery 

Taking last season’s texture nail trend one step further, we spotted nail jewellery on an increasing amount of catwalks this year. Kooky, unique and fun, adding charms or gems to your nails will ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

What’s more, there’s a style to suit everyone. Are you fun and flirty? Try mini pearls or Swarovski crystals to complement your look. Beautifully bohemian? Go for artistic adornments and patterns, and just nail polish will never quite be enough again!

5.)    Flower Power

Uncover your secret sixties siren with floral nail art! Seen on every catwalk from here to New York, bright and bold transfers are captivating the fashion industry. Low maintenance and high impact, floral patterns will soon get you ready for summer.

What are your favourite nail trends this spring? Let us know in the comments below! 

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