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Ramp up your sex appeal with a seductive stiletto manicure

Nail art fans everywhere take note - the shape of the season is spiked. Stiletto shaped nails are bang on trend and adorning A-List fingers everywhere, with celebrity songstresses Adele, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Rita Ora all sporting seductively feline, pointy claws.  And if you want in on this tempting new talon trend, it’s easy to add some seriously spikey style to your fingertips without paying the high price celebs do to get their glam look.

A salon style manicure can be costly, but there is an alternative – fabulously frugal premium quality DIY falsies.  The benefit of apply-at-home nails is they go on in minutes leaving you with a high-quality glamorous finish - no nail pro required. For truly striking nails that any A-Lister would be proud to wear, check out the Stiletto Collection from Bling Art– there’s a reason this brand is so well loved by fashion stylists around the globe.

Try out this bold and seductive Matte Red Manicure for a passionate and attention-grabbing look that is 100% pure sex siren.  Just £5.79 for 24 scratch resistant nail tips, glue, a nail file anda cuticle stick – like all the sets in the Stiletto Collection, these gorgeous nails come with everything you need for a professional quality manicure.

Or how about a glossy contrast tip in one of the colours of this Autumn/ Winter 2016, dark cherry red?  With these genuine Swarovski crystal embellished Crystal Passiontalons your fingertips will look like they’ve been primped by a professional. At prices that cost less than a skinny supersized latte, you can even afford to splurge on an outfit to wear with them for that special night out.

There are just so many stand -out designs to select from in this striking range, it’s hard for a girl to choose – but at these prices, you can afford to switch up your look. Whether you want to make like Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad, with these gorgeous Harley Quinn style Justice Nails, or prefer the more traditionally romantic style of this Hearts & Nails Manicure, you can change up your nails in seconds to suit your style mood.

Stiletto nails are perfect if you like a longer length nail but don’t want trashy, dated looking talons, as they elongate and add an edgy glamour that never feels tacky or passé. You can dress them up or down too, pair with a denim jacket and leather skinny jeans for supercool street style with a sexy urban vibe, or sport them with a bright bodycon dress to give your outfit some serious fashion currency.

This Autumn/ Winter get in on this sharply sleek trend before everyone else catches up with the uber-cool Stiletto collection from Bling Art.  Get a gorgeously glam at-home manicure in this classy and cool style that goes with everything and rev up your cool points a notch or two in the process as well.

Match your fingertips to your killer heels for a slinky streamlined look, or colour clash to perfection with this Pattern Power Stiletto Mani.  If you like to inject a bit of sex appeal into your style the stiletto shape is definitely for you as it’s seriously seductive.  Ensure you get on point this season with cool stiletto spikes that you can apply yourself- false nails have never been this sexy.

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