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Summer Sun Party Nails

Summer sun! Don't you just love this time of year???? Lots of invites to summer weddings and evening parties so here are three of our fabulous nails that are perfect for this time of year.


Magenta Pink - Almond Stiletto Long - 24 Fake Nails, Free Glue, Nail File & Cuticle Stick.

Product Code: 4766 LO4-3-E-MP

Bursting with femininity and vibrancy, our Magenta almond stiletto is a truly special nail. Encapsulating the true essence of beauty, this bright and sparkling gel nails will make your fingertips look instantly glam and will leave you feeling like a total princess!


Pattern Power - Almond Stiletto Long - 24 Nails, Glue, Nail File & Cuticle Stick.

Product Code: 4783 LO4-7-L-PPR

Why have just one colour pattern on your nails when you can have a whole collection? These fantastic Almond Stiletto nails embody a rainbow pallet of neon’s and feature stripes, hearts, spots, and stars. No more wondering which colour or design to pick, with our Pattern Power stiletto tips, you can have them all!

Athena Green - Almond Stiletto Long - 24 Nails, Glue, Nail File & Cuticle Stick.

Product Code: 4759 LO4-3-N-AG

These shimmering green gel nails are the ones to wear if you like to stand out. Named after the goddess of wisdom, embrace your inner Greek Goddess and empower yourself, when you wear our gorgeously green almond stiletto nail!

Bling Art Glossy Finish: When the base layer is created for a glossy finish nail paint is added using several coats, this is how we create the depth and richness of colour. To protect this and seal it from the risk of scratching we then add a top coating. By using the UV mix we can ensure that the nails remain vibrant in colour and keep their long-lasting shine.

Bling Art Gel nails are ready to wear and will give you a stylish salon professional look in minutes. These nails are vibrant, shiny and rich in colour. To give them extra sparkle, we embed glitter before applying a top UV coat.

Bling Art Gel Finish: The range of stunning and vibrant, deep and rich

colouring is achieved by using a spray-on technique. The glitter layer is embedded which adds the gel look finish. Finally, each nail has a top coat applied. This UV layer ensures that the nail is adequately protected and long-lasting.

Bling Art Almond Shape: These nails are often mistaken for Stiletto shaped nails, this is because they are very similar with a pointed shape. Almond shaped nails are more practical than stilettos because the edges are not as extreme and therefore easier to manage. These easy to apply tips will make any outfit extra special in minutes.

Bling Art Long Length: These nails are slightly longer than our other nail shapes and will give you a classy designer look no other nail shape can compete with. This nail shape will help make your fingers appear thinner, giving them a slender look and can easily be filed, to give you the sharper Stiletto.

Everything you need to apply in minutes: Each set contains 24 nails (in 12 sizes), a 2 gram stick of glue, a mini nail file and a wooden cuticle stick.

Buy with confidence – Our nails have been tested and are EU compliant, we use high quality virgin ABS Acrylic to make our fake nails and our glue is SDS approved.

Bling Art - don't imitate – differentiate

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