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The Perfect Dinner Date Nail

I have been invited out by one of my admirers to a gorgeous restaurant.  I know that the evening will be dressy and of course, I always want to look my best.  I figured I would go for the classy but timeless little black dress look, but I wanted my nails to stand out and make a real statement darling.  So, I came up with these fantastic beauties - we call them Crystal Passion, and it is easy to see why.

Crystal Passion



When the evening arrived, I was set to go, hair, dress and my stunning nails.  I felt like a dark siren, and I just wanted to keep wafting my hands around to make sure everyone got a glimpse of these fantastic nails. My date arrived, and I could tell he was impressed.



Crystal Passion 1


What I love about these nails is the length, the squoval shape pulls off a glamorous look while allowing me to eat.  This is one of the best lengths for practicality and ensures you do not ladder your hosiery or struggle to use your hands.  However, they are still designed to make you look a thousand dollars.  I felt totally confident using my cutlery and always making eye contact.  The bling on the nails was catching the light every time I moved but in a good way.  There were undoubtedly loads of comments about these nails; I could hear the whispers!



Crystal Passion 2

They help you to channel your inner femme fatale, as these beautiful nails have the darkest, most sensual maroon tips, and a silver rainbow of flourish dividing the two. The stunning silver glitter is a smart touch as it lifts these nails from every day average to something extraordinary.  Sat on top of that are a pair of delightful diamante crystals that shimmer and sparkle in the light. Several people commented on them, and I was only too happy to bask in the admiration and of course not reveal the secret behind the nails.

Crystal Passion 3 



Each set really does look like you spent hours in the salon chair while a technician handcrafted your nails, such is their quality.  I didn't let on that I just popped them on myself at home.  Everything you need is tucked neatly in the box, and you will be uber impressed with the quality and finish.  There are 24 nails in the box, in 12 sizes which gives you plenty of scope to choose the best fit for your delicate pinkies.  A fantastic glue that meets all safety standards, a nail file, and a cuticle stick completes the kit, and you are salon read just moments.

Crystal Passion 5


Of course, these versatile nails would be equally at home at a ball, on a cruise or even having tea with the royal family.  They are classy and utterly fabulous, who wouldn't want to wear them! Safe to say they will become another one of my firm favorites.  I will also be wearing them over the Christmas period as the crystals and glitter shimmer form the cutest but classiest snowman in the snow look.  Until next time my darlings… Ms Bling



Crystal Passion 6

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