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Top Nail Trends for 2016


With the constantly changing trends in nails, keeping up with what’s hot can be more difficult than you think. We have to stay ahead of the trends if we are going to look our best and have that exclusive nail look that everyone is after. Bling Art offers a wide range of quality false nails that are always on trend and will keep you looking stylish for any occasion.

We have searched the runways, the fashion shoots and the top designers to see what’s hot for next season.

Here are the Top Nail Trends for 2016:

Gel Ready to wear nails are set to remain as popular as ever throughout 2016 and beyond. Blingart’s range of ready to wear gel nails are perfect, they are extremely glossy and available in rich vibrant sparkling colours. To create the extra sparkle we embed glitter in the finishing process. This not only brings the nails to life but gives them an ultra smooth finish.

Bordeaux nails: Red nail polishes in Bordeaux tones are the hottest trend for the New Year – take a look at our gorgeous burgundy nails.

Glittery nails: Perfect for special occasions, glittery nails may not be for every day, but they are one of the coming year’s top trends. We have a whole collection dedicated to bling.

Golden nails: Gold is the dominating colour for most of the newest fashion trends and that is why it made our list for top nail trends. Our dipped in gold nails are perfect, shiny black with gold tips perfect for 2016

Metallic shades: Suitable for every day, metallic shades are for those who still want the sparkle but don’t want to go for glittery nails. We have introduced some mind-blowing traffic stopping designs to help you maximize this look

Lace nails: With a wide range of patterns and colours to choose from, lace nails create a chic and stylish look that will get your nails noticed. Our French Petal nail does just this and more.

Striped nails: Striped nails give your nails the illusion of being longer than they are and add a touch of style at the same time. Choosing colours that stand out against a bold background is the best way to show off this look. Our Silver Rising Nail catches and reflects light making it a sparkling best seller.

Moon-type nails: Many of the top designers are choosing this nail trends for their coming looks. With coordinating or contrasting shades, the moon-type nails are as stylish as they are beautiful. Our moonlit night embodies all of the above and more it is a shiny glossy black nail with a silver tip.

Creating your own look can be fun and stylish. The trend for adding charms and other decorative items to your nails creates this look and adds an interesting touch.

Our Bling Art Nail collections are available in a range of bright and vibrant colours, showcased together to help give you that Blingtastic result.

Bling Art false nails are internationally certified and EU compliant, they are manufactured from high-quality virgin ABS plastic, this includes our top (UV) coating for that perfect finish.

Our Nails last up to 5 days and are scratch resistant. The set consists of 24 nails, glue, nail file and a cuticle stick.


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