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Welcome to the World of Bizarre Nails

 Welcome to the World of Bizarre Nails


Over the last year nail art seems to have gone from the bizarre to the ridiculous. While there is some amazing talent out there creating some gorgeous masterpieces some of the trends we have seen over the last few months have been downright bizarre and weird.


False nails make an excellent base for nail art amateurs to get started, as they provide a quality stable single colour base layer.


However, some of the nails we have seen are just so unusual that we doubt very much anyone would ever be seen in public wearing them.


It is fair to say that creating such bizarre masterpieces does require a high level of skill and some of these nail artists are clearly very talented. That said we are not sure that any of these be something we would rock up to a function wearing.


The McDonald's Nail


Complete with individual fries the McDonald's nails are very clever however quite strange. Using nail polish they have crafted a prize box and individual fries a Coke type print and various other homages to the fast-food giants.


Nails With Hair


We have seen some incredibly strange nails with faces and hair really not very hygienic practical to have hair dangling around your fingertips however the creation of themselves could be said to be clever or downright spooky. Do you love someone enough to have their face and hair attached to every nail


The Spot


Another bizarre trend we're not sure who would want to walk around with pus filled spots on the end of their fingertips. These realistic spot nails come complete with squeezable pus that oozes out under pressure, quite disgusting we think.  Again no lack of talent in creating such a strange and nail.  It is safe to say it was probably only done to generate that viral sensation experience and to be fair it did just that - so kudos to the creator.


Halloween Nails


Moving in the realms of the not too bad actually, we find ghost and ghouls.  To be fair, these are actually nails that we would consider wearing for a Halloween party or similar event in late October.  Painted on witches and ghosts and other spooky creatures with an emphasis on green and black these nails are pretty cool when done well.


There is quite a vast range of unusual nails, and while we don’t underestimate the time and effort involved, we think we prefer to stick to nails that we can actually be proud to wear in public.  However, for budding nail artists, our buy three get one free offer is awesome for giving you the base layer needed to practice your painting skills.  Who knows maybe you can create a nail that goes viral. All you have to do is pop over to the nail pages and have a browse; there are plenty of stunning base colours on offer so you can bag yourself some four for three bargains.

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