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Wicked White

Wicked White


Wonderful white nails fit your fingers perfectly and suit a wide variety of occasions.  A timeless classic for weddings, whether worn by the bride, bridesmaids, or even as a guest, white nails are also ideal for summer or to bring a whisper of breezy feminine simplicity to florals.




Start with our selection of base shapes and select your style; Oval, Squoval, Ballerina, or Almond Stiletto–then whisk yourself over to choose from our wide selection of white finishes.  Pick and mix from our palette of polishes, pairing shimmering pearlised Squovals with striking matte white sheers— the ideal accompaniment to wear with a lacy cami top and jeans.






Or, for a feminine look to remember, mix and match our white ombre nails with polished glossy tips and wear with a flower print maxi-dress and wedge sandals for sexy, seventies inspired style.









Hearts & Nails - Almond Stiletto Long






Decorate your fingertips with these delicately beautiful and intricate nails that are the perfect choice for lovers of elegant feminine style. We created our Hearts and Nails Almond Stiletto tips for girly girls who like to look natural yet impactful, and with so many pretty hearts on the tip, you'll find you can express your romantic side freely!






Pretty Petal - Squoval Medium






A beautiful, eye catching design thats perfect for lovers of subtle, elegant romance. Beautiful onyx leaf detailing, overlaid on a pastel pink base makes this a feminine design with a unique twist. Ideal for dreamy romantics who prefer to hint at passion rather than shout about it. Embrace the power of the flower!






Strip Of Elegance - Almond Stiletto Long






These elegant and stylish nails take their name from the metallic shine strip placed underneath the tip to highlight and add emphasis. These are perfect for fans of subtle feminine chic, as these finely crafted Almond Stiletto nails are ladylike and discreet. Perfect to pair with just about anything in your wardrobe!









Drawing the Line - Almond Stiletto Long









These white on pink nails take the French Manicure style to a whole new level using an ultra-chic linear design to create a modern elegance that has a timeless, classic edge. Draw your own lines and define life on your terms with these classy and stylish Almond Stiletto tips.









Glitter Burst - Squoval Medium






A clean, unique, and eye-catching pattern overlaid on a beautiful and simple base nail, finished off with a sprinkle of head-turning glitter. This dazzlingly stylish design gives you a fashion-forward way to indulge your feminine side and will compliment any outfit, ensuring you sparkle like the star you are!






Take advantage of our buy 3 get 1 free special offer and kick-start your Nail Art journey today.






Each set contains 24 nails (in 12 sizes), a 2-gram stick of glue, a mini nail file and a wooden cuticle stick. Everything you need to apply in minutes.






Buy with confidence Our nails have been tested and are EU compliant, we use high-quality virgin ABS Acrylic to make our fake nails and our glue is SDS approved.

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