Bling Art - About Us

Wholesale for Nail Technicians – Salons – Beauty Retailers - Importers and Distributors: Bling Art is your perfect partner

We have forged connections across the world with both local salons and global distributors who buy our false nails wholesale. We are wholly dedicated to meeting the needs of all our clients by way of offering sharp price points and designing products that practically sell themselves.

So, whether you’re a nail art novice or an established nail art salon, national retailer or international distributor, we have the products and the reputation to help differentiate you from the competition, please get in touch - we welcome your order.

OEM False Nails – All enquiries are welcome as we can ultimately fit around your needs; this includes packaging that is designed to even the most specific of specs, products that can be crafted to a niche market and also the direct supply from our solid production lines.

Bling Art – Don’t Imitate - Differentiate