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Features and Benefits of a Bling Art Trade Account:

Fact: Women who buy and wear false nails do so on a regular basis.

Our Business model is simple, we want to work with partners who understand Nail Art is repeat business.

Partners who want to offer a premium product to their loyal customer base thereby creating repeat custom and increasing footfall today and into the future.


What makes our proposition unique?

We offer a complete mix and match selection of nails – the largest selection on line.

Our nails are mix and match compatible – What this means is our nails can be mixed as they complement each other thereby creating a different look each time.

With such a large selection available in finishes to die for; you can easily offer a bespoke service where your customers can either buy our product as a set for £6.99

Or they can purchase from the mix and match model and you charge a £3.00 “fitting fee”.

This is a win win scenario as you get to service the lower end of the market in minutes and can potentially upsell to the next time.

Your customer gets quality nails applied by an expert in a safe comfortable environment at half the price of the pop up Vietnamese booths.



Get preferential pricing and wholesale discounts:

We want to support you regardless of how big or small you might be, with that in mind we have taken the view the best way is to offer competitive pricing and sustainable margins.

Tell us a little about your business, your plans and goals and we will create a bespoke price list helping you to achieve your goals.

Our online account allows you to view your personalised trade prices and compare against actual online selling price

Sell our nails at £ 6.99 or offer mix and match fitting for an extra £ 3.00 = £ 10.00

Speak with one of our dedicated account managers to find out more.


Check stock availability on all our products in real time

All our inventory is available in real time, this allows you to see what we have in stock. This will enable you to maximise sales by way of optimising your inventory to suit your business needs.

Browse hundreds of products in stock all available for next day delivery

Activate your account and view/ order online at anytime

Check the order status of online orders


Invoicing and Repeat Orders

View your invoices, credits and your electronic proof of deliveries

Use previous invoices for simple re-ordering

Benefit from our useful online tools.


Any questions please get in touch we would love to hear from you:

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