About the Brand

Bling Art is a British brand that specialises in false nails for women who love nail art.

The brand was created in 2014 and is renowned for creative originality and uncompromising quality; perfect for fashion-forward women of today.

What differentiates us from the competition is the standard we offer. Our nails are made from quality raw materials and finished to a standard which makes us a credible alternative to the traditional salon.

We are the only brand in the world that offers women the choice to mix and match thereby creating their own unique look.




Our Company Philosophy Built On Core Values: 

To create quality products with bundles of choice so you can create your own unique look, choose your own colours and most importantly change/remove without causing irreparable damage to your actual nails.  

We believe women DO NOT WANT the same nail colour for four to six weeks. 

We doubt any woman enjoys the process of having her nails filed, glued, painted, then baked for up to an hour and paying a premium for the privilege. 

We do not think it is easy to keep nails in a pristine condition (protected for a whole month). More often than not, one or more nails get damaged, and it ruins the entire effect. 

We do not want to keep going back to have 'infills' or 'treatments'; life is busy enough.

Most importantly we think it is better for you if you wear nails for a week or so and give your actual nails time to breathe more regularly. 

Nail art is all about fun and colour, not causing long-term damage. 

Why are we expected to wear the same colour nails for a month when we can change our shoes, lipstick and clothes every day?” Sophia Aziz – Bling Art Founder. 

With Bling Art False Nails, it’s all about choice:

 Nail Boxes

You can choose to have our nails fitted in a salon, or you can choose to apply at home.

You can choose your false nail shape: Four Nail Shapes available, which do you prefer? Are you Squoval, Almond, Oval, or Ballerina/Coffin?

You can choose your false nail finish: Ten nail finishes to select from: Will it be a pearlised finish or polished or both?

You can choose your false nail from 13 different colours: Red, black, pink, purple, maroon, beige, blue, brown, gold, green, magenta, silver and white; the choice is yours.

You can choose your false nail length – Will it be professional medium Squovals or long Ballerinas?

What makes our nails unique is you can mix and match; all our nails have been designed with this in mind.

The manufactured product is perfect every time; there is no variation or deviance, each nail is consistent with colour and finish.

The finishes and the colours in our range complement each other, so you could quickly match a Gel False Nail Set with a Gel Ombre False Nail Set and throw in a Chameleon False Nail Set to mix it up.

 More Nails

Why not take advantage of our buy three nails and get a 4th set free? (add 4 to the basket)

With this special offer, you get four sets = 96 nails (24 in each set x 4 sets = 96 nails) and four sticks of glue.

This is comfortably a month’s supply giving you at least four different looks and probably more.

For those of you who are pressed for time, this a perfect way to create your own look with fantastic quality finishes in a matter of minutes.


Our Founder and Designer: Sophia Aziz

Bling Art Founder Sophia Aziz won the highly commended Business Woman of the Year Award and our company has been recognised as an outstanding organisation by the UK Government.

Sophia’s passion for nail art and the lack of choice and quality finishes led to her developing her own range of nails and the bling art brand was born.

Today we are a global brand available in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada and Japan.

Over the years the Bling Art brand has established a reputation for producing fashionable, stylish and elegant false nail products.

Sophia attributes our success to the time, dedication and effort the company invests in making each nail. “We take not only the design but also the manufacturing process very seriously and ensure we do not use any low grade raw materials”.

Each part of the process is tested and certified, we have SDS certification, we are SEDEX approved and all nails are hazmat tested including our glue. Our false nails are internationally certified and EU compliant, they are manufactured from high quality virgin ABS plastic, this includes the top (UV) coating for that perfect finish.

The range has been thoughtfully designed to offer women a touch of elegance with a high impact look that they can proudly wear on their fingers. 

We are the largest online seller of nails and we welcome your order.

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