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  • Gel Ombre False Nail...

    Bling Art – Gel Ombre False Nails

    Our range of glamorous Gel Ombre’s are shimmering, glittery, shiny, and vibrant— basically everything you need to make your fingertips look gorgeous and then some…

    To create the perfect finish for our Gel Ombre nails, we manufacture them in stages. First we print the base colour, then spray on a glossy gel finish, to imbue our nail tips with depth and stunning shine.  Then we embed glitter to infuse with shimmer, and finally, to seal and protect, we finish off with a UV coating. This not only brings our Gel Ombre Nails to life but gives them an ultra-smooth, silky finish. 

    Suitable for girls who like to stay current, our glorious Gel Ombre’s provide the perfect finish that will help take a casual outfit from boring to beautiful.

    All our nails have been rigorously tested to meet strict quality benchmarks, are Hazmat approved, and meet relevant safety standards in the UK, Europe and North America – which is why they are loved by stylists and make-up artists all over the globe!

    Our beautiful Gel Ombre Nails are very easy to apply in the comfort of your home, as each nail set is supplied with everything you need. Each set includes 24 Nails, Nail file, Cuticle stick and a 2 gram stick of glue.

    Bling Art False Nails: Don’t imitate – Differentiate

  • Gel False Nail Finish

    Bling Art – Gel False Nails

    Bling Art Gel nails are ready to wear so will give you a stylish salon look in seconds.

    Our collection of gorgeous Gel Nails has been produced to the highest standards using a spray on technique as opposed to printing. This process gives the nails a deep vibrant colour and makes them really stand out, enhancing your fingertips beautifully.  To add extra sparkle, a fine dusting of glitter is embedded in the finishing off process.

    Suitable if you want a professional finish for your fingertips without the hefty price tag, our wide range of shades mean our Gel Nails are easy to match with everything in your wardrobe.

    Our gel nails are all UV coated, this not only gives the nails their stunning shine, but protects them from day to day abrasion and wear.

    Bling Art False Nails are made to the highest standards and are tested and approved in the UK, EU, and North America. We have certificates of SDS compliance and our factory has attained SEDEX approval – so you can be sure when you purchase our nails, you’re getting the very best.

    Each premium set contains 24 nails, a cuticle stick, 2 gram stick of glue and a nail file making them easy to apply in just minutes.

    Bling Art False Nails: Don’t imitate – Differentiate

  • Glitter False Nail Finish

    Bling Art – Glitter False Nails

    Our fashionable Glitter False Nails fuse unique high quality nail art designs with fun femininity and a flawless, airbrushed finish.

    The nails are manufactured in three stages, first the base coat is applied then the glitter is sprayed on, and finally the nail is protected with a top coat to seal and add shine and strength.

    Bling Art’s Glitter False Nails are made using top quality premium materials, so they give a high grade salon style finish, which differentiates them from cheaper imitations. 

    Suitable to take your clubbing clothes to the next level, or add a hint of sparkle to an everyday outfit, our fabulous Glitter Falsies are guaranteed to bring some added wow to your nail wardrobe.

    Our Glitter False Nail kits come with everything you need for a beautiful, long-lasting application, including; nail file, glue, cuticle stick, and 24 tips. As they’ve been manufactured to the highest quality standards they’ll stay on for up to 5 days, giving you all the time you need to sparkle and shine. 

    Bling Art False Nails: Don’t imitate – Differentiate

  • Glossy False Nail Finish

    Bling Art – Glossy False Nails

    Bling Art Glossy Nails collection showcases stunning, high-glamour designs that wouldn’t look out of place on the red carpet.  Our premium Glossy collection features stand-out creations including contrasting tips, sequins, and glitter, all infused with a rich and vibrant shine. 

    Our Glossy Nails are extremely easy to wear and can applied in minutes, so it’s easy to add glamour to any outfit, whether you’re sporting a casual tank top and jeans, or that little black dress. 

    To make our award-winning Glossy nails, we start with a base layer, then apply multiple colour layers to create a shiny glossy effect and give added protection and strength. 

    Suitable for everyday wear or for special occasions that require you to ramp up the glam factor, our gorgeous Glossy’s enable you to replicate a salon finish in under five minutes. 

    Our nails are internationally approved, and as they are available in Northern America, Europe and the UK, they are loved by fashion stylists around the globe. Each nail set comes with 24 nails tips, stick of glue, wooden cuticle stick, and a pink nail file. 

    Choose from our wide collection of stunning Glossy nails if you need to make an unforgettable impression that drips bang on trend glamour.

    Bling Art False Nails: Don’t imitate – Differentiate

  • Matte False Nail Finish

    Bling Art - Matte False Nails

    If you’re looking for high quality, luxurious-feeling false nails, Bling Art Matte Finish nails are the perfect choice. A matte finish is hot right now, enabling your fingertips to look both stylish and sophisticated and with our wide selection of stunning shades, there’s a colour choice for every outfit you own.

    Bling Art Matte nails are created using a matte printing press on technique and are super durable because they have a thicker matte coating than most.  They feel soft and leathery to the touch and last much longer, as they wear and chip less than other makes of matte nails.

    Suitable to add a hint of edgy glam to urban looks, chic street style, clubbing clothes, and casual wear.

    Bling Art Matte Nails offer you more choice than other brands because each of our shades is available in either a glossy tip for extra shine, or with jewels if you prefer a little more bling.

    Our range of gorgeous Matte nails has been internationally certified for safety and is fully EU compliant.  Bling Art Matte Nails are manufactured from high quality virgin ABS plastic.  This means they can last up to 5 days from first application, that’s almost twice as much longer than most glue-on nails.

    Bling Art False Nails: Don’t imitate – Differentiate

  • Pearlised False Nail...

    Bling Art - Pearlised False Nails

    For nails that just drip glamour, decadent divas should try our beautiful Pearlised nails, covered in thousands of tiny micro-glitter particles to give your digits some serious sparkle.

    The unique PET filament technique used to manufacture these nails makes them surprisingly smooth and silky. Our Pearlised nails are easy-to-wear as they are not brittle or rigid but have a little flex instead to give you a natural and comfortable feel.

    Suitable for girly girls, or to add a hint of glamour and femininity to casual wear, our gorgeous Pearlised Nails would also be a great choice for weddings, cocktail parties, and formal occasions.

    Our Pearlised nails have been quality tested and CE approved, and will last up to 5 days from first application as they have been created using premium raw materials.

    Bling Art False Nails: Don’t imitate – Differentiate

  • Matte Metallic False...

    Bling Art – Matte Metallic False Nails

    Bling Art Matte Metallic Nails are bold with a stand out contemporary Matte finish. With futuristic style details, these striking nails will make a bang on trend statement nail for funky fashionistas everywhere.  Select from every colour of the rainbow and then some, all offered up in an edgy matte metallic finish.

    To make our Matte Metallic Nails, we manufacture in two stages, first applying the base finish and then spraying on a metallic matt coating.

    Suitable for every day wear, our stylish metallic shades are for girls who want something special to rev up casual wear or clubbing clothes, but don’t want to go for a full on glitter finish.

    All our nails have been quality tested and are approved as safe in the UK, Europe and North America. Bling Art Matte Metallic Nails include a set of 24 nails, a 2g stick of glue, a nail file, and a cuticle stick. Everything you need to make your fingers beautiful in the comfort of your home.

    Bling Art False Nails: Don’t imitate – Differentiate

  • Polished False Nail...

    Bling Art – Polished False Nails

    Bling Art’s vibrant range of Polished Nails burst with eye-catching colour.  Our Polished False Nails are loved by nail techs and shoot stylists around the world, due to their high-end finish and our meticulous attention to detail. 

    These nails have been specially created to look as close as possible to a polished nail finish, meaning you can get fabulous salon style in less than five minutes.  To achieve this, we manufacture our polished nails in the same sequence as if you were applying nail polish. We start by printing a coating of colour, then finish with a shiny top coating to seal and protect, which makes them stronger and more durable. 

    Suitable for any occasion from bridal showers to cocktails on the beach, our Polished Nails will bring a subtle touch of femininity to anything you wear! 

    Our polished Nail sets start from £6.99, making them a beauty luxury everyone can afford. Our Polished Nails are easy-to-apply and go on in just minutes, leaving you with a lasting, glamorous finish.

    Each box has everything you need to recreate salon style fingertips at home, including; 24 premium false nail tips, a high quality stick of glue, a cuticle stick, and nail file.

    Bling Art False Nails: Don’t imitate – Differentiate

  • Bling Crystal Finish
  • Chameleon False Nail...
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Showing 1 - 60 of 152 items