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  • Squoval False Nails


    The word Squoval is a hybrid of two words: Oval and Square, and our Squoval nails are definitely the best of both worlds. 

    Squoval nails combine the best of both square and oval, as by rounding out the corners of a square shape they look more tailored and you get a sophisticated look, that also appears every bit as natural as rounded or oval nails. 

    Our stylish Squovals are just perfect if you have an admin or office type position and are pounding that keyboard all day long. 

    This size is ideal for tapping away at those pesky keys, and the high-quality materials we use mean your nails won’t chip, break, or ping off, enabling you to look good but have ultimate functionality. 

    The Squoval shape is widely considered to be the most flattering shape by nail art professionals, and this is probably why it’s also our most popular shape, as it fits almost everyone.

    Bling Art False Nails: don’t imitate - differentiate

  • Almond False Nails

    Bling Art Almond False Nails

    Our Bling Art Almond long nails give an uber-feminine and ultra-classy designer look no other acrylic nail shape can compete with.  

    This design is similar to our Oval Nails, but longer, and will make anything you wear them with look a million dollars. 

    Our Almond Nails are highly customizable as well, as they can easily be filed to give you the full-on Stiletto Nail look, making them perfect for girls who like to switch up their style. If you want your fingers to appear thinner and longer, and you love subtle feminine glamour, our Almond Long Nails are for you. 

    Bling Art Almond Long Nails provide an easy touch of glam to a casual outfit but will also work well to give some class to a more formal, evening look. The beautifully tapered shape requires minimal accessorizing, and the easy-to-apply tips will lift your look and make it extra special in just minutes. 

    Our Almond Nail sets have been designed to be durable, lasting up to five full days after first application. They apply quickly, making it a cinch to put them on before a hot date, or an evening dancing or drinking with the girls.

    Bling Art False Nails: don’t imitate - differentiate

  • Oval False Nails

    Bling Art Oval False Nails

    At Bling Art, we’ve long been producing fashion forward and street savvy designs for UK style mavens.  From blingtastic diamond encrusted tips for Nicki Minaj style princesses, to elegant and chic French Squoval and matte metallic designs to pair perfectly with that Prada purse.

    Now we’re taking customization to a whole new level with our brand-new Bling Art Oval Nails - perfect if you love the pointed look.

    Bling Art Oval Nails will make your hands look elongated and so are ideal for women seeking to slim the appearance of their fingers but want nails that are not too long so as to affect their day to day ability to perform routine tasks.

    This stunning shape combines the best of our Almond and Squoval shaped nails, to create a simply delightful look that is even more durable. These fake nails are a great choice if you’re a busy woman whose life dictates you can’t be always be careful when it comes to protecting your nails.

    With working women in mind, we created the size of our Ovals so they were just long enough to look chic and elegant, but also short enough to be practical and ultra-durable.

    Bling Art False Nails: don’t imitate - differentiate

  • Ballerina False Nails

    Bling Art Ballerina Coffin False Nails

    If you have naturally long, sturdy nails and like to make a statement with your fingertips, this unconventional nail shape is probably for you.

    These nails are shaped like ballerinas or coffins, hence their quirky title - they are like our Almond Long (Stiletto if you file the edges) nails, but have a tip that’s squared off -so you don’t have to worry about poking your eye out!

    The square tip design of these nails resembles the shape of the pointed shoes ballerinas wear on their feet while they’re dancing - and when you wear this head turning nail shape you’ll always be in the spotlight.

    Some people attempt to turn their natural nails into this on trend style, to give extra edge to their look, but with Bling Art’s wide array of colours, finishes, and gorgeous nail art designs, it’s so much easier to achieve the Ballerina Coffin look in just five minutes with our selection of stunning fake nails.

    Bling Art False Nails: don’t imitate - differentiate

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Showing 1 - 60 of 152 items