• Spring Nails for 2018


    Spring is coming - honestly, we will escape the snow and rain at some point, and the better weather will arrive.  This is an excellent time for some pretty spring nails so here are some of our best light and bright nails to lift your spring wardrobe this year. 

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  • Do You Use Hand Cream?


    When we asked this question to ladies in our social circle, we found that the majority of them did not use hand cream on a regular basis. Your hands are involved in almost everything you do and take a right old battering.  Last month we gave you some top tips on how to stop your hands ageing fast than the rest of your skin and using hand cream regularly was one of them.

  • False Nail Revolution


    Having head-turning nails is essential to lots of us, we love having nails that make people comment or look twice, and why not?  However, over the last few years, there have been lots of changes in the world of nails.  Gel manicures started to lose popularity for several reasons.  Firstly the commitment was putting people off.  Once you chose your colour, you are stuck with it for weeks.  What if it doesnt match an outfit or what if you fancy a change.  Secondly, there has been a lot of adverse reports

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  • Bling Art – Gel Ombre False Nails


    Our range of glamorous Gel Ombre’s are shimmering, glittery, shiny, and vibrant— basically, everything you need to make your fingertips look gorgeous and then some…

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  • Age Defying Hands


    Hands take a right old battering.  We pretty much use our hands for everything.  Cleaning, cooking, dressing, eating, what don’t you use your hands for!  It is no surprise that the skin on hands can age quicker than the rest of the body, and sometimes you see hands that really do date a person at somewhere much older than they really are.  Now, clearly we do not want to be that person so how can you get hands that defy your age?  The answer is to nurture them so here are some great tips for taking great care of your hands.

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  • Can Mom’s Have Long Nails?


    Hitting the news recently was socialite Kylie Jenner.  Although this comes as little surprise as most of the Kardashian family hit the gossip pages on a daily basis the reason may cause controversy.  Kylie gave birth to a darling daughter recently (congratulation Kylie) and has naturally taken to her social media channels to show off the beautiful newborn.  However, her pictures seemed to get more backlash that praises with people choosing to focus, of all things, on her nails.

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  • Wicked White


    Wonderful white nails fit your fingers perfectly and suit a wide variety of occasions.  A timeless classic for weddings, whether worn by the bride, bridesmaids, or even as a guest, white nails are also ideal for summer or to bring a whisper of breezy feminine simplicity to florals.

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  • The Best Things in Life Are Free


    Well that is what they say.  To be fair you do not get an awful lot in this world for free. That is why we have decided to give you free delivery on our massive range of fabulous false nails.  When you combine this with our other stunning offer of by three get one free on all our nail sets you have the perfect bargain - purchase as a gift or just treat yourself.  Here are some of the best on offer for you to choose from

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  • Welcome to the World of Bizarre Nails


    Over the last year nail art seems to have gone from the bizarre to the ridiculous. While there is some amazing talent out there creating some gorgeous masterpieces some of the trends we have seen over the last few months have been downright bizarre and weird.

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  • Mix and Match Nails


    Do you have a hectic social life? I know I do! Next week, for example, I have a business meeting cocktails with friends party dinner date a trip to the cinema do I want to wear the same nails for every occasion?

    Put simply the answer is no I am not going to be wearing the same outfit for every event so why would I want to wear the same nails?

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  • Sealed With a Kiss


    Ok, hands up where are all the romantics?  Next week is Valentine’s Day and it is time to get yourself looking lovely for the date of your dreams.  Red nails scream romance and passion so here is a rundown of some of our very best red nails for all you lovers out there.

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  • The Falsie War


    False nails have been something of a trend for a few decades now. It is fair to say that they lost popularity for a while when gel manicures took the top slot. However, people are beginning to realise what damage this does to their own nails underneath, and it has lost a lot of pace. Not only that but gel manicures are very time consuming and not very liberating. You basically have to pick a colour and get stuck with it for over a month at a time. You are then faced with the maintenance work to make sure it doesn’t look too scrappy, or you have to have the whole lot removed and start again if you are sick of the colour. You can see why people got fed up with it. However for a lot of women returning to falsies is somewhat of a step backwards because after all, they look false right?

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  • Ageless Hands for Perfect Nails


    Ok, so you love your nails. We understand that you want to have gorgeous nails at the drop of a hat which is why we have invested so much into our range of stunning falsies. This gives you the chance to have perfect salon nails every day and change them whenever you so desire. However, there is little point going to town on your nails but neglecting your hands. To really show off your catwalk ready nails you need to keep your hand's age-defying and stunning. Here is some excellent hand care tip to make your hands and nails totally head turning.

  • New Year, New Plans?


    If you have been restless at work for a while now, why not consider a change? Fashion is still a trendy industry to work in, and manicures are still a substantial part of the future - however, things are changing. Women are starting to take back control, and the age of gel manicures is pretty much over. So if you really want to work on nails what can you do?

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  • Warning Signs - Nail Salon Hygiene


    When it comes to getting your nails done in a salon, hygiene might not cross your mind. After all, this is something straightforward and thousands of people have their nails done every day, so what could possibly go wrong. Well, people have germs. Without being too gross, that is the bottom line. While there is technically no risk of bleeding and blood-borne viruses, hygiene actually is just as vital as if you were going to sit in a tattoo parlour and get inked. To keep costs down a lot of nail technicians do not observe hygiene practices, and some just do not think they are needed. Here are a few signs that should help you decide between having that manicure or running for the hills and never looking back.

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  • Colour trends for 2018


    So another year has started, and as always fashion bloggers everywhere are beginning to make their predictions for the coming year.  With that in mind, I thought it was time to have a look at this years predicted trending colours and how you can match nails to these trends.  

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  • New Year, New Business?


    So, Christmas Day has gone for another year. On Boxing Day we lazed around eating sweets and watching films we have seen many times before, but they have to be viewed again at this time of year.  Once those couple days have passed for many people, it is time to get back to work.  If you have a business based in the beauty you may be considering your options for the coming year.  A lot of business owners will be thinking about 2018 and make plans to expand their shops and increase their clientele.  If you are a salon or beauty retains have you considered Bling Art as an excellent resale partner?  For importers and distributers the same could apply!

  • Ms Bling’s Guide to Nail Care


    Do you look after your nails or are you guilty of neglect? Don’t worry you are not alone when you have a busy life like me forgetting your nail care routine is quickly done. However, even when you are wearing falsies, it is still important to look after your own nails. Noone wants nasty nails so here are some great tips that don’t take long but will keep your hands and nails in tip-top condition.

  • Great Stocking Filler Nails for the Girly Girl


    Some of us just love pink. Pink is the best colour in the world and oozes femininity. It is an adorable colour, and we are somewhat partial to it. If we happened to wake up on Christmas morning and find some of these stunning pink nails in our stocking, we would be delighted. Here are a few great choices for those girly girls so you can score yourself some Santa points this Christmas.

  • Why Biting Your Nails Is Really Disgusting


    Now, we know a lot of people love falsies because they bite their nails and feel ashamed of their hands.  We love falsies because they are so easy to create breathtaking looks, but the real nails underneath - we don’t bite them.  It is actually a pretty gross habit so we are challenging you to stop, call it an early Christmas present to yourself!  Here is why you will be really glad you kicked the nail-biting habit. 

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