Gel Ombre FinishOur range of glamorous Gel Ombre’s are shimmering, glittery, shiny, and vibrant— basically everything you need to make your fingertips look gorgeous and then some…
To create the perfect finish for our Gel Ombre nails, we manufacture them in stages. First we print the base colour, then spray on a glossy gel finish, to imbue our nail tips with depth and stunning shine.  Then we embed glitter to infuse with shimmer, and finally, to seal and protect, we finish off with a UV coating. This not only brings our Gel Ombre Nails to life but gives them an ultra-smooth, silky finish. 
Suitable for girls who like to stay current, our glorious Gel Ombre’s provide the perfect finish that will help take a casual outfit from boring to beautiful.
All our nails have been rigorously tested to meet strict quality benchmarks, are Hazmat approved, and meet relevant safety standards in the UK, Europe and North America – which is why they are loved by stylists and make-up artists all over the globe!
Our beautiful Gel Ombre Nails are very easy to apply in the comfort of your home, as each nail set is supplied with everything you need. Each set includes 24 Nails, Nail file, Cuticle stick and a 2 gram stick of glue.