Squoval False NailsSquoval Medium
The word Squoval is a hybrid of two words: Oval and Square, and our Squoval nails are definitely the best of both worlds.
Squoval nails combine the best of both square and oval, as by rounding out the corners of a square shape they look more tailored and you get a sophisticated look, that also appears every bit as natural as rounded or oval nails. 
Our stylish Squovals are just perfect if you have an admin or office type position and are pounding that keyboard all day long. This size is ideal for tapping away at those pesky keys, and the high-quality materials we use mean your nails won’t chip, break, or ping off, enabling you to look good but have ultimate functionality.
The Squoval shape is widely considered to be the most flattering shape by nail art professionals, and this is probably why it’s also our most popular shape, as it fits almost everyone.
Bling Art False Nails: don’t imitate - differentiate

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