Polished FinishBling Art’s vibrant range of Polished Nails burst with eye-catching colour.  Our Polished False Nails are loved by nail techs and shoot stylists around the world, due to their high-end finish and our meticulous attention to detail. 
These nails have been specially created to look as close as possible to a polished nail finish, meaning you can get fabulous salon style in less than five minutes.  To achieve this, we manufacture our polished nails in the same sequence as if you were applying nail polish. We start by printing a coating of colour, then finish with a shiny top coating to seal and protect, which makes them stronger and more durable. 
Suitable for any occasion from bridal showers to cocktails on the beach, our Polished Nails will bring a subtle touch of femininity to anything you wear! 
Our polished Nail sets start from £6.99, making them a beauty luxury everyone can afford. Our Polished Nails are easy-to-apply and go on in just minutes, leaving you with a lasting, glamorous finish.
Each box has everything you need to recreate salon style fingertips at home, including; 24 premium false nail tips, a high quality stick of glue, a cuticle stick, and nail file.