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Are you Stiletto Summer ready?!!
  • Are you Stiletto Summer ready?!!

Ok, girls our brand new range of Bling Art Stiletto False Nails is finally here! Now, my friends would probably tell you I say this all the time BUT this collection is the one I am most excited about…

Honestly…I swear.

For months now I have been itching to get these nails on, and just between you and me, I might have even bought a few summer outfits to match in preparation.

Call me eager, call me strange but I am loving my new nails and I’m ready to bring glam to summer 2016!

I know what you’re all wondering – Which ones am I wearing right now? Well, my favourites are always the loudest designs, however, I don’t always have the courage to wear them. Soooo what to do when fashion-courage is needed? ... hmm? ... Call m’ girls for a night out of course! I chose the Gold Camouflage design.

They were really easy to put on (the same simple method as our other nail collections) and they look salon professional as well as Bling****tastic!

So get Stiletto Summer ready and go order your very own today.
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