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Bling Nails: Rent a manicure

Bling Nails: Rent a manicure

Has anyone else seen the recent beauty news about Coloristiq? It is the UK's first multi-brand, online rental service for a variety of nail varnishes and a really good idea to boot! For £14.99 per month, you are sent 3 different shades at a time for a month. You can then use each one up to 3 times during that month. Not only is the usage checked each time you return the bottles but they are also sanitised ready for the next person too. What a great plan eh? A brand new look for you each and every month. But what if you are looking for something that is a bit bolder in the design stakes?

Considering how great our prices are at Bling Art, you can pick up 4 sets of our false nails for just a touch more than the nail varnish sub

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