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Bling Nails: Review time- Matte Red

Bling Nails: Review time- Matte Red

At Bling Art we not only look out for other trends in the market of false nails, but we also make sure that we test drive our own products so that we can sell them to you with confidence. 

This week we tried out the Matte Red false nails; ones that we had been itching to get on our fingers for a while and we have to say that we loved this bright and seductive nails.

Not only did they go on super easy, but they were long lasting too, exactly what you want in a false nail. 

At Bling Art towers we had a rare night out without the threat of early morning wake up calls from the mini Bling Arters so we took the Matte Red nails out on the town teamed with a 50s full circle skirt and black long-sleeved top! What an outfit choice! 

So if you are looking for a beautiful nail that will make you feel like a vixen then we recommend these nails to you! 

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