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Bling Up Your Nails And Be A Walking Work Of Art

If you’re the original and stylish type of girl who likes to accessorize your look with classic, feminine touches, then you’ll definitely want to make sure that you get the details right, including your manicure. In these cost-conscious times, most of us can’t afford the sky-high prices nail salons typically charge, but luckily there’snow an alternative solution that means we can stay stylish without feeling the pinch.

Apply at home false nails have come a long way from the shapeless pieces of plastic you used to have to weld to your fingers with something akin to superglue, you know those things that would immediately fall off almost as soon as you’d applied them?

Now you can buy affordable falsies in a wide choice of styles and designs, beautifully decorated with salon quality finishes, and, what’s more, if you pick the right brand, they stay on for a lot longer than just one night too!

Take the Bling Art Original Nail collection, perfect for fans of classic feminine glamour. Your wardrobe’s probably full of timeless pieces and curve-hugging frocks, so why not add some extra polish by indulging in these gorgeous nail sets for full-on celebrity style glam?

Add a quirky touch of GaGa inspired style with these Polka Dotty delights if you’re in the monochrome mood, or, harking back to the 1920’s with these wonderful Art Deco Glitter Purple contrast tip false nails.

Evoke a beautiful blue mood with these truly stunning Blue Flower Tips, which would look great paired with a tailored figure-hugging floral frock or slinky satin spaghetti strap dress.  Or, if you have an ultra-special occasion such as a black tie dinner or dance, try out this jaw-dropping Black Sequin Manicure for a true touch of luxury.

All these gorgeous sets are highly affordable, as each is priced at a purse-friendly £6.49, enabling even the most frugal fashionista to splash out. Super easy to apply, even if you’re pressed for time, each carefully crafted set goes on in minutes and will stay put through an evening of dancing and drinking - leaving you free to have fun.

The kits come with everything you need for a beautiful, long-lasting application, including nail file, glue, and 24 tips, and will stay on for up to 5 days, giving you far more than just one wear out of them.  Bling Art’s nails are all made using top quality premium materials, so they give a really high-grade salon-style finish, differentiating them from other, cheaper imitations. 

Timeless feminine glamour will never go out of style, you only have to think of vintage silver screen sirens like Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, and Bridgette Bardot, to realize their classic glamour is still much imitated decades later. Indulge your girlie side with the Bling Art Original Collection and express your classy inner movie goddess with a salon quality manicure for a mere fraction of the price.

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