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Curving Nails - An Indication Of Cancer?

People don’t give enough credit to their nails. Your nails can actually be a good indicator as to what’s going on inside the body. For example, ridges in our nails can indicate that the body isn’t receiving enough of a particular vitamin or mineral. However, what a lot of people might not have known is that the nails on the body can actually warn you of a potential problem which is going to occur later on in life, as one woman discovered.

So, What’s Happened?

There’s a woman who never had long nails up until now. She always kept them short because of many years working in a factory where long nails might be a potential safety hazard. However, having grown them out now, the woman has discovered something odd. Her nails curve into the fingers naturally. She didn’t think much about it, because her mother had dealt with such issues in the past, so it looked to be just a strange family trait.


However, upon being advised to see a doctor about it, she was reasonably alarmed to discover that she actually had stage one lung cancer and that these nails were symptomatic of the condition. It’s known as “clubbed nail” and is a very rare sign of lung cancer. However, because it was caught at an earlier stage, the woman has a 70% chance of survival and has taken to social media to share awareness and make sure as many people as possible know about this particular indicator.


Speaking about the nails, she’s said that ‘They’re gonna grow, and if I have to put silver bells and fireworks on the end of them to raise awareness, I will’. Thankfully, it’s raised a lot of awareness, and hopefully more people will begin to check out their nails and see a medical professional if required.


It’s so important that people take the time to look at their nails and also the nails of their family and friends. We know that nails are always good to paint and look nice, but they’re also a good way to figure out when something is wrong, so you should always look out for these things. It’s pretty crazy how long nails helped to prevent a serious problem, but it’s also interesting that the body can work in that kind of way.


Overall, the story of the curved nails is definitely an interesting one. It’s easy to see how curved nails could be interpreted as just a strange thing, but it’s also a real indicator as to how well your body is doing. It’s important to always try and figure out what your body needs, and to listen to it. While it’s always fun to apply fake nails and paint your nails, it’s also important to realise that you should be looking after your body and checking for indicators that something isn’t quite right. Thankfully, this provided the woman with a warning in advance, so she’s going to stand a better chance at beating cancer.

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