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False Nail Revolution

False Nail Revolution


Having head-turning nails is essential to lots of us, we love having nails that make people comment or look twice, and why not?  However, over the last few years, there have been lots of changes in the world of nails.  Gel manicures started to lose popularity for several reasons.  Firstly the commitment was putting people off.  Once you chose your colour, you are stuck with it for weeks.  What if it doesnt match an outfit or what if you fancy a change.  Secondly, there has been a lot of adverse reports of infections and damage to hands and nails because of this process.


False Nails Didnt Work Well




One of the things we realised early on was that false nails were frankly rubbish.  This has been the focus of our business, and we have finally managed to create stunning nails that are changable and enable you to mix and match to suit any outfit.  Even if you have one event in the morning and one in the evening, we have made it so that you can change your nails with ease.  However we have also managed to maintain the quality, and you will find that the nails are durable and able to withstand the trials of life, so equally if you want to wear them for a week, you really can.  We have gone above an beyond to find what women want from their nails and are delighted with the results we can now offer you.




Personal Choice




False nails used to come in a one size fits all option, and it was down to the users to file and cut to create the shape they want.  We have worked hard to build four nail shapes that mean you can have professional, salon quality nails in minutes that do not require shaping as we have done it for you!







The word Squoval is a hybrid of two words: Oval and Square, and our Squoval nails are the best of both worlds.  Squoval nails combine the best of both square and oval, as by rounding out the corners of a square shape they look more tailored, and you get a sophisticated look, that also appears every bit as natural as rounded or oval nails.








Almond long nails give an uber-feminine and ultra-classy designer look no other acrylic nail shape can compete with.   This design is similar to our Oval Nails, but longer, and will make anything you wear them with look a million dollars. 








At Bling Art, weve long been producing fashion-forward and street savvy designs for UK style mavens.  From blingtastic diamond encrusted tips for Nicki Minaj style princesses to elegant and chic French Squoval and matte metallic designs to pair perfectly with that Prada purse. Now were taking customisation to a whole new level with our brand-new Bling Art Oval Nails - perfect if you love the pointed look.




Ballerina Coffin




If you have naturally long, sturdy nails and like to make a statement with your fingertips, this unconventional nail shape is probably for you. These nails are shaped like ballerinas or coffins, hence their quirky title - they are like our Almond Long (Stiletto if you file the edges) nails, but have a tip thats squared off -so you dont have to worry about poking your eye out!




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