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Gel Nails - The Lasting Damage

Perhaps it seems obvious that we would not really like gel manicures, as after all, we sell a massive range of stick on false nails - however, we are also women! I used to love a gel manicure as much as anyone else, but I did find that my nails were being damaged, so I started to research exactly what happens.  I was put off, and it was one of the biggest motivations for me to create false nails that actually look like you have stepped out of the salon.  So what did I discover?

Removing Them Hurts

I am preaching to the converted here!  Anyone who has ever had a gel manicure will be only too aware of the pain of getting your nails off.  First of all, it takes stupid amounts of time soaking your fingers in the acetone, which either means you are sat doing nothing with your nails in a bowl, or you are desperately trying to maintain some sense of normality with them wrapped in tin foil soaks. If this makes you impatient to get them off and you start pulling - oh boy the pain!

Once off your fingers will resemble something out of a Halloween gore fest.  Dry, brittle, cracked and damaged.  It is a fact, albeit a sad one, that gel nails damage your real nails. Basically, you are starving them of moisture when they are buried under the layers of gel.  So when they come off, they are gasping for a drink and in pretty poor shape.  Long-term gel nail use can leave nail beds really severely damaged as people tend to leap straight from one set to the next.  At least leaving your nails naked for a week while you apply loads of vitamin E cream gives them a fighting chance, but frankly, it still isn't great.

UV Exposure 

So, no one thinks twice about the little light box that you pop your hand into repeatedly during your nail appointment, but let’s do just that for a moment. The box is a UV light.  If that doesn't mean much think about a sunbed.  A sunbed is concentrated UV light, and they hit the headlines many years ago for being damaging to the skin, even to the point of causing skin cancers.  Ok, the light is not on the same scale, but regular gel nail users should consider this.  Already, since gel nails have become popular a clinic in New York has confirmed there have been two cases of skin cancer on the hands that can be directly attributable to UV lights used in gel nails.  It may only be a small exposure ever time, but it is cumulative.  Damage builds up and cannot be undone, so over time, you could be looking at some serious issues.  Experts suggest that you can help to combat the effects by wearing waterproof sunscreen on your hands when you attend your appointment, but we would instead just steer clear.


 With all that said, many women have come to realise the benefits of well made false nails.  We have a vast selection on our website designed to look just like you have spent hours in the salon so why not pop over and check them out. 

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