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How to Grow Healthy Nails

What makes nails healthy? We love using false nails to change our look in a few minutes, and we know they are way better for your natural nails than gel manicures, but what actually helps you nails grow long and strong? Should we be taking vitamins? Let's have a closer look 


Claims are Everywhere

You do not have to look far to find a company claiming that their product will guarantee your nails will grow strong and long, and really quickly.  You could literally spend a fortune on tablets.  These benefits come in a myriad of formats too, from creams to tablets to drinks.  Everyone claims their product is the one you need.  They bombard you with adverts of pretty, perfect models claiming they too have experienced the benefits and the product in question is the only reason their nails look so good. Supplements for skin, hair and nail health raking in multiple millions for the companies selling them with everyone desperate for perfection. 

The Truth 

Sadly the truth may not be what most women want to hear.  Your body has an optimal health level, so the first thing to remember is that a vitamin will only help if you are lacking in the first place.  The truth is, if you are eating a well-balanced diet and getting your fill of vitamins from the best place, your food, then you are less likely to be lacking and the expensive tablets you but do nothing more but generate equally expensive urine.  The body flushes away what it doesn’t need.  The second point about your optimal health is that you may or may not have been blessed with long, thick hair, or strong, healthy nails.  For some of us, fine hair is what we were born with, and all the products in the world cannot change that.  The same is true of nails.  Some of us just didn’t get lucky.  

Also, remember that the models are potentially not all they seem to be. Recent studies conducted by campaign groups who fear that young girls are being unduly stressed but the images they see in the media suggest that almost all adverts for such products have been touched up. It is commonplace for swimwear models to have been photoshopped to shave off any traces of fat, or normal body shape.  While this might be considered false advertising, it seems to be passing most advertising standards.  So, remember no one is perfect, and computers are smart.  Finally, remember that life is also the scourge of nails.  Dishes, typing and many other activities are also bad for nail health so protecting yourself is better than spending money on these products.  When you wash-up or do housework, wear gloves.   If you have a job where you have to do a lot of typing be sure to use good hand cream regularly and moisturise the nails as well.  BlingArt nails are so realistic you can easily hide any bad nail days, and no one will ever know!

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