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Hygiene, Coronavirus and Fake Nails

The coronavirus is definitely progressing faster than anybody really wanted it to, and this is having quite a detrimental impact on the way that we look at the world and the way we interact with things. Personal hygiene has always been a consideration for many people, but in the wake of this outbreak, it has become even more important to look after yourself.


Fake nails are an incredible resource which we aim to provide you with regardless of what’s going on, but it’s important to stop and take a look at how you can look after yourself, be safe, and be healthy while at the same time enjoying the nails that you have.


Understanding the Issues


So, it is important to understand why there is a problem occurring, and what it means for your deliveries. Obviously, much of the UK is on lockdown, which isn’t great. A lot of businesses are forcing themselves into having to deal online exclusively just to stay afloat, and while this isn’t something we have an issue with, as we’ve always had an online presence, we do have to advise you on how best to receive packages from us.


None of our team has any symptoms of the virus, and we make sure to have a strict health and safety policy in place to protect everybody, but we can’t guarantee the way things are transported to you. The Royal Mail, couriers, and places like that all put your packages in contact with potentially dangerous substances. Therefore, we recommend that you are quick to dispose of all packaging, including the packaging that the nails come in, and then the boxes themselves can also be disposed of. It’s just safer and more sensible. Maybe get a tin or something to put all your fake nails in.


Continuing to Provide Great Goods


In spite of these precautions, what we do offer is a continuing range of capable nails. We make sure that all of our products are still as durable and reliable as possible, which is a core aspect of our business. If you need fake nails to try and help you combat the feelings of anxiety or isolation that you’re experiencing during this difficult period, then we are more than happy to provide you with what you need, and we make sure to give you a colourful range so you can entertain yourself as much as possible during your time indoors.


Overall, we aim to provide you with an incredible service, and we do this because we understand how important it can be for you to try and be optimistic as possible during your time in lockdown. It’s vital that you follow all safe disposal measures for packaging, and always wash your hands before you start using the false nails and putting them anywhere near the face. Please be safe, please be sensible, and remember that we are still trying to provide you with all of the best false nails as often as we can.

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