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Ombre Nails for the Perfect Summer Look

We love the Ombre collection, why not check them out on the website!

Marina Blue

The hybrid combination of our blue nail reflects both the ocean and the sky, imbuing your fingers with a fresh and breezy feel. Enliven your look with these deep blue gel squovals and accentuate all your outfits with a touch of easy breezy style.

Natural Sparkle

These nails are the ideal day and night nails for gorgeously glam girls. With natural blush colourings that create a subtle enough effect for everyday wear, the contrasting ombre effect in these beauties provides just the right amount of bling to take you partying right into the night time. Work hard and play harder!

Dark Beauty

Embrace the essence of yin and yang with this ombre black nail through a striking transition of black to white. Show off a unique style that will match with everything you wear and enjoy a timeless squoval shape in a salon-style gel finish, with this stylish monochrome nail tip.

Bling Art Gel Ombre Finish:

The ombre finish is formulated over a number so manufacture stages. First, we create the base colour, to which we add the gel coating for a glossy finish. Next, we spray in the glitter to infuse the sparkle and shimmer that makes these nails so popular and gives them their unique look. Finally, to complete the nails, we also use a UV top coating which provides the nail resistance to scratches or damage.

Bling Art Squoval Nails: What on earth is a squoval?

Well, it is a square nail that has a rounded edge. This is the most popular nail shape we offer as is practical and looks salon smart. The overall look is sophisticated, and the nail length is reasonable for busy lives.

Medium Length: A medium nail is a perfect length for creating an impact while being able to maintain your daily life without your nails getting in the way. Perfect for office and typing the medium nail has been designed to fit into modern life without having to worry about your nails popping off or making your tasks harder.

Mix and Match – Our nails can be applied professionally in a salon or in the comfort of your own home. The range we offer allows you to mix and match thereby creating your own unique look.

Take advantage of our buy 3 get 1 free special offer and kick start your Nail Art journey today. What is in the box? 24 medium size nails (12 sizes), a 2-gram glue stick, Mini nail file and a Wooden cuticle stick

Simple to use: Bling Art offers the perfect choice for those who love salon nails but do not have the time to sit in the chair for hours. Apply at home in moments for an excellent look. Bling Art nails are suitable for up to 5 days wear and come with added UV top coat to offer resistance to scratches and longevity of shine.

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