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Should We Ban Fake Nails in Schools?


Working in the world of beauty products can have some issues sometimes. We love what we do, but false nails themselves can be an issue from time to time. So when we see that fake nails have been banned in schools, we thought it best we address the issue.


Fake nails have a place in a lot of environments, but do they have one in schools? That’s the question that we set out to answer today, to see if there’s any chance of setting the record straight.


Fake Nails - the Good Points


Now, on the one hand, we can kind of get it, there really is a lot to love when it comes to fake nails. They’re a brilliant technology which gives people what they want in terms of fake nails.


They’re strong, and durable. It’s often the case that false nails come in so many shapes and sizes which is good for people who want to have them for a variety of different sizes.


Suitable For Schools?


But, that is not the topic of discussion. Instead, we are asking whether or not fake nails are suitable for the school environment.


We personally would say no. You see, when we talk about those nails, we operate on the principle of “will this be any use in a particular setting?”. The thing that you have to remember with false nails is that while they are great for a lot of situations, there are just as many where they would not be effective. A school environment is one of those places, for quite a few reasons.


First of all, it is difficult to properly interact with a school environment when you have fake nails in your way. If you can’t pick up a pen and write something, then you’re going to find it very difficult to progress and keep up with the class. In the same way that we wouldn’t recommend false nails for an office environment, where you’re going to be typing every day, we don’t recommend it for this particular space.


There’s no need for fake nails in a school environment. They aren’t necessary. When you’re socialising and want to look your best, perhaps they could have a use. But young people aren’t the right candidate for false nails - and knowing when it is appropriate is also important. It’s a good life lesson to learn - vanity is not always a good characteristic.


Overall, we don’t approve of false nails being used for a school environment and encourage young people (and parents) to think about these things. You need to be sensible about where you use false nails and how they highlight your hands. We provide incredible false nails for you to enjoy, and we try to make sure that everything you get is of good quality, but ultimately we question how effective something like this when it’s in the hands of someone with a busy academic life. Please be sensible!



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