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Valentina Gel - Squoval Medium - Nail Review

There is always going to be something timelessly beautiful about red nails, and the Valentina Gel Nails are no exception, they are just stunning.




Even on an average work day I do have to look spectacular but really have to be able to type on my keyboard, so the medium length nails are just divine and entirely practical.  Hiding in the glossy, pillar box red of the nails is a gorgeous red sparkly glitter effect that makes me feel like the pampered princess I know I really am.  The glitter is deeply embedded in the nails during manufacture which makes it truly eye-catching and opulent.   Whatever I am doing have to make sure my look is on point, and a cut above darling and these nails simply ooze the glamour and glitz I demand.

The classic Squoval nail top finish means I can still use my phone, my social media fans need to hear from me, and I cannot leave them waiting.  The truly stunning look of these nails means that the compliments just keep coming, I lost track of how many people complimented them in the office today.


These fiery, passionate nails are so easy to apply but look like I sat in that salon for hours.  They have such a look of class about them so if you ever confess your secret is actually glue on nail tips, prepare for the jaws to hit the floor.  People simply cannot believe that nails this good can actually be falsies, but that is because Bling Art takes the time to find out what us girlies really want and then offer up such an incredible and vast range. Valentina nails are the perfect partner to my effervescent persona, and I shall certainly be wearing them on date night darling, as they scream love and romance and will compliment any outfit. 

With these nails, you can expect longevity, even as I go about my day they stay firmly in place, the sign of a quality tip - which of course is what women want, and I am sure they are the reason I was seated quicker than some of the other at lunch. I will be recommending these nails to my closest circle! 

The Boring Bit!

Each set contains 24 nails, free glue, nail file and a cuticle stick.  Nails are suggested for 5 day use.


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