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What Nail Trends are Celebs Sporting this Summer?

One thing we love about summer is the accessorising.  It seems so much more fun to bling up your look when the sun is shining.  When it is cold and grey, we are all just surviving, but when the mercury rises, we all have time to strut our stuff.  Even the celebs are getting the summer chic on, so let’s check out what they are wearing and how you can emulate it with some fantastic Bling Art nails.  

Lily Allen

Recently Lily was snapped with some appropriate flowery nails that went rather well with her name!  Why not try our Pretty Petal nails? A beautiful, eye-catching design that’s perfect for lovers of subtle, elegant romance. Beautiful onyx leaf detailing, overlaid on a pastel pink base with crystals. Ideal for dreamy romantics who prefer to hint at passion rather than shout about it. Embrace the power of the flower!

Rita Ora 

During Pride 2018 Rita wore some stunning holographic style nails.  While we think they are pretty, you could out nail her with our Water Blue Chameleon nails, never before have wet look, water splashed nails been a thing!  These are utterly stunning and sure to have people lining up to take a look.  Be warned you will be the hottest trendsetter this summer if you get seen out wearing these!  Everyone is going to want them, and you can sit back and say that you were responsible for the whole thing (with our help of course)

Blac Chyna 

Well known for her bold fashion choices it was almost a surprise to see Blac in such pretty, girly, baby pink nails.  How about our fantastic Pink Matte Ballerina nails?  Matt is the on-trend way to wear your nails, and these baby pink girly nails also feature a stunning diamonte finish on nails one and three.  A truly unique and stunning look! Pretty pink is perfect for girly girls, and now it comes in a stylish matte effect finish! Our on-trend ballerina nails are nicely natural, with crystals, they are just perfect if you like to look classy with a touch of bling.

Kim Kardashian

Well, the Kardashians are well-known trendsetters, and Kim surprised a lot of people recently when she was captured with a perfectly classic french manicure that looked entirely natural. Why not try our  White Lines Almond Stiletto nail? This white nail takes the French Manicure style to a whole new level using an ultra-chic linear design to create a modern elegance that has a timeless, classical edge. Draw your own lines and define life on your terms with these stylish Almond Stiletto false nail tips.

Alternatively, why not set your own trend.  With so many colours in stock you are sure to be able to make a statement and for that totally unique look why not mix and match some of your favourites to create something that really has never seen before.   Who knows they might even name the whole look after you!


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