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Your Guide to Buffing Your Nails

When it comes to buffing your nails, do you often find that you skip that step in favour of other things? 

When you’ve got some brand-spanking-new nails, it’s tempting to get on with life and leave them to be admired by the world, but this isn’t the ideal strategy. 

The truth is that you’ll have a much better experience if you take the time to buff them. Don’t know how to file nails? You don’t have to worry, we’ve got you covered - let’s talk about it, 

What IS a Nail Buffer?

A nail buffer is a tool that you’ll use to buff your nails and get them looking good. There are a couple of different benefits from buffed nails, which is nice. 

A nail buffer can be a powerful tool for getting the best results because it can do things like:

  • Smooth out the ridges of nails. 
  • Make your nails look and feel smooth and shiny. 
  • Give your nails a way to stay healthy. 

How to Properly Buff Nails

When using a nail buffer block, it’s essential to make sure you use it right. These things can buff, file, shine and polish all at once. Let’s talk about how you do that: 

  1. Filing

If you’ve not filed the nails already, then you need to use the buffer block to do that. It’s not too difficult to do, but it guarantees a certain level of ease when buffing. 

  1. Buffing

Next up, you’ll want to get involved with buffing, which will give you the best shot at removing any of the rough edges and smooth down the nail for easier use. 

Buffing your nails is simple. Take the buffer and stroke it across each of your nails in the shape of an X. 

  1. Polishing 

When you have finished with the buffing, you’ll want to look into polishing them. This gives them an acceptable level of smoothness which will let you also clear up any parts you missed. 

The polishing part of the process is just the same as buffing - that same X shape. 

  1. Shining

Finally, you’ll want to shine your nails which isn’t too hard. Your best bet will be to gently use the smooth part of the buffer to make sure that your nails shine brightly. You could even use some oil if you wanted to. 

Final Thoughts 

Buffing your nails is easy to do, and they can be good to sort out before you apply fake ones. A fake nail is a beautiful way to accessorise, but you’ll want to know how to protect your nails at the same time. 

Buffing nails is a vital component of successful, smooth nail experiences because it gives the fake ones a good bed to rest on. Take your time, and if you’re interested in making sure that you can protect your existing nails, then we’ve got a selection of different tools for you to explore by effectively offering you a selection of fake nails. 




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