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A Stick-On Nail Revolution

Stick-on nails used to be huge, in the 80’s and 90’s they were everywhere.  However, with the introduction of gel manicures, they lost popularity.  Suddenly the on-trend way to have your nails done was to head to a nail bar and sit there for a few hours being thoroughly pampered.  However, some of the new trends seem to have been 5-minute wonders and are failing.  The most significant issue being that gel manicures can cause considerable damage to nails, and they are far from quick or cheap?  So why are stick-on nails on the up and why do we just love them? 

Salon Quality 

One of the most significant issues that we wanted to tackle was the quality of false nails.  It is entirely fair to say that in the past you could tell that someone had stuck their nails on.  With cheap glue and cheap plastic that to be fair did not look right, it was pretty obvious, so naturally and justly, the more discerning customer left them well alone, and it was mainly teenagers that kept sales up.  We wanted our nails to be different.  With this in mind, we have revolutionised the production process, and the final result is nails that are regularly mistaken for a salon quality manicure.  So much so, those salons are queuing up to get nails from us and are more than happy to use them.  We have worked hard on quality, style, and shape, and upgraded all the components including the glue to make sure you have a show-stopping manicure when you step out of the door. 


The most prominent issue with gel nails and more permanent solutions is that you are stuck with the look.  This means you have to think carefully about what is coming up in the months ahead and pick your nail colour to fit in.  The other thing we wanted to do was create a massive range of choice for our customers.  You can wear red one day and blue the next.  You could even change them at lunchtime if you need to! Such is the versatility but gone are the days if looking down at a party and seeing one of your nails missing - nothing spoils a look more.  Our gel glue is easy to work with, ensuring your nails stay on when you need them to and coming off with ease when you are ready for a change.  We have also listened to user feedback and have created a range of lengths.  Our squoval nails is perfect for busy lives.  It looks the part but is short enough not to catch or snare when you are busy being awesome. 

Gentle on Nails 

Stick on nails do far less damage to your nails.  All we suggest is a quick wash, and a bit of moisturiser rubbed into each nail, and you wouldn't know you had been wearing them.  So, for 2018 expect stick-on nails to rocket in popularity.  You will find cheap and poor looking examples, but if you stick with us (pardon the pun), you can be sure of salon quality nails every time.

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