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Peculiar Nail Trends We Just Can’t Get On Board With

 Peculiar Nail Trends We Just Can’t Get On Board With


We all know that trends come and go, take shell suits for example - in the 80’s the shiny, flammable, hideously coloured two piece leisurewear were all the rage.  We loved them and couldn’t get enough of them.  However, if you happen to stumble across a photo of yourself from the era in one of these abominations - well frankly you cringe.  When it comes to nails trends are no different.  From time to time we seem some timeless classics that we can so understand people getting on board with, but other times, well you have to wonder what madness this is!  2017 has been an interesting year for nail art trends, and while some are lush, other are eye damagingly hideous, and we can only stand and wonder who in their right mind has sent these to the top of the charts.  Here are the worst three trends of this year - in our opinion, so apologies if you love them!

The Popping Zit Nail

Where this has come from totally beats us!  However, it has proved to be very popular across the globe, and not just for Halloween as one might expect.  Nail decoration is applied in such a way that you have what looks like a slightly gross and overdue for squeezing spot. Yep, a spot.  A pussy, nasty, yukky spot.  Not only that but you can even squeeze it and what comes out, thankfully isn’t really infected gunk, but it certainly looks like it.  Nails you can squeeze - not for us!

Flared Nails

Rocking the look all the way back to the 70’s we are not too sure why this trend has resurfaced but it has, and it is proving popular.  Flared nails or duck feet nails as they are also known are pretty much as they sound.  The tip of the nail is significantly wider than the base and flares out into a spade-like affair that really leaves us scratching our heads in wonder. Generally, this effect is created with gel or acrylic, and they are well usual, to say the least.  Lots of pictures are emerging on social media, and while some of the colouring and decoration is lovely, the overall effect actually looks rather unfinished.  It makes us want to go along with scissors and a file and finish the job ourselves.  They don’t look terribly practical either, so safe to say we will be sticking with squoval.

The Lady Garden

We have left this one until last as there really isn’t much to say except perhaps ‘no, just no’.  In this bizarre and unexplained trend nails are decorated in such a way that they resemble female genitalia.  The three-dimensional build up used is very deliberated designed to look like lady bits, and frankly, we do not get this one at all. Why anyone would want to have that on their nails is a little beyond our imagination. 

Are you a fan of one of this year's more unusual nail art trends?  If so do get in touch and let us know why you love them! 

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