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Age Defying Hands

Hands take a right old battering.  We pretty much use our hands for everything.  Cleaning, cooking, dressing, eating, what don’t you use your hands for!  It is no surprise that the skin on hands can age quicker than the rest of the body, and sometimes you see hands that really do date a person at somewhere much older than they really are.  Now, clearly we do not want to be that person so how can you get hands that defy your age?  The answer is to nurture them so here are some great tips for taking great care of your hands.




Wear Gloves






Now, you may immediately think of rubber gloves for washing up, and you would be correct, but it doesn’t stop there.  Please do take care to cover your hands when you plunge them into dishwater, but take it one step further.  All cleaning tasks should be done with gloves on.  Gardening needs gardening gloves to protect your hands, and even when you are out and about in the colder months, you should wear gloves.  Whether you prefer stylish leather look or warm and cosy wool, protecting your hands from the elements will help in your quest for younger hands.






Moisturise, Especially at Night






One thing that happens to skin that is exposed to the elements more is that it dries out.  So be sure to find a good moisturiser that suits your hands and regularly apply throughout the day, especially if you have just washed and dried your hands.  Consider getting some cotton gloves for overnight.  Moisturising right before bed gives your skin the most time to recover but so much better if you can add some gloves and sleep in them.  This traps the cream and prevents it wiping off on your bedding.  It also gives it more time to absorb into the skin for maximum impact.  Try and pick a moisturising product that is made with natural ingredients such as jojoba oil or coconut oil rather than something which has a lot of fake chemicals, particularly parabens as these are not suitable for the skin.






Take Care of Nails






It goes without saying that we are advocates of proper nail care.  Be sure to rub your moisturiser into the nails as well as the fingers and hands.  Don’t bite your nails or the skin around them. Not only does this add years to your hands it can give you a really nasty infection as you are ingesting the dirt of the day, but you can also get some pretty horrific skin infections, and in some cases, antibiotics are needed.  A recent news story explained how a woman lost part of her thumb after infection took hold. Finally, we do suggest creating a knockout nail look with our false nails.  We have an extensive selection on offer, and you can either wear them as a set, or you can mix and match your looks to create something totally unique and eye-catching. 




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