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Can Mom’s Have Long Nails?

Can Mom’s Have Long Nails?


Hitting the news recently was socialite Kylie Jenner.  Although this comes as little surprise as most of the Kardashian family hit the gossip pages on a daily basis the reason may cause controversy.  Kylie gave birth to a darling daughter recently (congratulation Kylie) and has naturally taken to her social media channels to show off the beautiful newborn.  However, her pictures seemed to get more backlash that praises with people choosing to focus, of all things, on her nails.




Now, we can probably assume that she does have some help around the home, and like any new mom should really be doing more resting than racing around but are the comments that she cannot possibly be an active parent with nails as long as here fair?






We think not - do you agree?






Should being a mom stop you looking your best, or are those complaining just a bit jealous of Kylie’s life?






To be fair, our almond stiletto nails are perhaps not the most practical, they are designed for knock them dead looks when you go out rather than toilet bleaching and housework, but from the pictures her nails didn’t even look that long.  Of course the beauty of our nails is that they can be changed daily if the mood suits.  So, we could easily see a yummy mummy popping on some killer nails for a night out with hubby, or, if you are not ready to leave the baby with granny, a night in. Why is it wrong to have stunning looking nails?  Our nails can easily be popped off the next day and left with the nude look or replaced with something more practical.






Speaking of something more utilitarian we think we have solved this false nail conundrum for women all over the world.  Our squoval nails offer the perfect balance between practicality and eye-catching looks.  Rather than trying to file overly long nails into a better shape, our Squoval nails combine the best of both square and oval, as by rounding out the corners of a square shape they look more tailored, and you get a sophisticated look, that also appears every bit as natural as rounded or oval nails. Stylish Squovals are just perfect if you have an admin or office type position and are pounding that keyboard all day long, but equally excellent for childcare and still looking hot at mother and toddler group.  The high-quality materials we use mean your nails won’t chip, break, or ping off, enabling you to look good but have ultimate functionality. The Squoval shape is widely considered to be the most flattering shape by nail art professionals, and this is probably why it’s also our most popular shape, as it fits almost everyone.  Perhaps we will pop some in the post to Kylie and see if she agrees!






As an extra treat for all your gorgeous mommas, we have our buy three get one free offer which means you can bag a set for every day and change them wherever you want. 

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