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Black Matte French Manicure


Somedays I just dont want to be recognised, by anyone, ever.  Do you ever have one of those days? You simply want to move around incognito, but obviously with an air of mystery.  It is always fun to leave people wondering who you are! Of course, I am never going to exit the house without having my nails on fleek, that is simply not something I could entertain.  So, on days like that, I love to reach for a black nail.  The dark mystery of black nails can be teamed with any outfit, and any hair and makeup look. The perfect noir nails for any occasion.



Matte Black 1


For a normal working day, I love the squoval nails.  The perfectly manicured look with the maximum practicality that means I can type, text and generally maintain my intimidating lady boss reputation.  No breaking, chipping or cracking just a totally practical length that really looks the business.



What I love about the Black Matte French Manicure set is that it literally oozes class and confidence.  The smart use of the matte finish on the body of the nail, offset with the sheen of the French edge offers contrast and cool that will be sure to be the envy of all you see.  The first time I wore these nails, and I do confess that they are now one of my very favourites, I was stopped so many times by admiring glances that I struggled to get anything done. I must admit that I often find myself holding a hand to the light and gazing in awe at the stunning finish these nails create.

Matte Black 2



These nails are perfect for day to night wear as they are just so stunning.  They create a killer look with office attire but perfectly suit evening dress or cocktail wear.  They are simply versatile and frankly gorgeous.  

Bling Art has gone to great lengths to offer the perfect set of nails, and the box always contains just what I need. Each nail entirely envelopes my own and looks to all the world like I paid hundreds of a manicure. 

Matte Black 3

The glue has been rigorously tested to ensure that it meets safety standards, so for a nail addict like me, I can be confident that I am not inhaling noxious fumes or risking my health.  The other bonus is that they are removed with no damage to my nails meaning I can indulge my nail habit every day and change them as much as I like.



Matte Black 4


Frankly, for me, there really is no other choice when it comes to false nails.  Bling Art has the best range of false nails that do perfectly imitate expensive salon work for a fraction of the price.  I will continue to be the Queen of Bling while there is such an incredible range to choose from.  But For now, I shall be a woman of mystery, but who knows what colour of the rainbow I will morph into tomorrow!



Matte Black 5

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