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Spooktacular Halloween Nails

 Halloween is now less than a month away.  While it is great fun to dress up with the kids and have a bit of a party not everyone wants to go all in with the pumpkins, ghosts and ghouls, particularly not on their nails! We have come up with some great ideas from our awesome range that will let you have the perfect sophisticated and classy All Hallows Eve look without compromising your on-trend look. 


Dark Justice




From the same collection, these clever matt black nails are perfect for the dark and mysterious goddess.  Channel your inner which with these nails that feature a subtle patterning within the box.  You get three nail designs in one set: 6 Matt black Horizontal, 6 Matt black Vertical and 12 Matt Black Squares.  Perfect for look twice nails.  If you are feeling in the mood to mix it up why not have black nails with just one green on each hand!  Those witchy vibes will really shine through, and the look is still grown up and elegant.


Matte Red

matte red

If you prefer a shorter nail, our squoval nails could be just what you are looking for.  These stunning blood red nails are great to compliment a broad range of Halloween looks. Are you the blood-curdling nurse or the fabulous vampire?  Red is for danger and gory dripping blood, so you are sure to turn heads with this classy, fabulous nails.  For extra effect, the body of the nails is subtly matt while the french manicure tips are glossy.  We suspect more than one person will take your hand on the night to get a better look.


Plum Perfect


Plum Perfect 

Sticking with the popular squeal nails our last offering comes from the pearlised range.  How sassy are these nails?  Perfect for any look and opulent enough to support many Halloween looks. Pearlised nails have been covered in thousands of tiny micro-glitter particles during the manufacturing process, and the resulting looks are a set of nails that you will simply love to show off.  Dazzle your guest or be the belle of the ball and stand out from the monsters and gremlins on October 31st this year. 





If you fancy embracing your inner witch then why not accessories with this stunning and sparkly green nails.  The classic almond shape will be sure to catch the eye.  The glitter has been embedded into the nail as part of the manufacturing process before the final top UV coat is applied which makes them infinitely eye-catching.  Plenty of scope for freaking monster costumes or rocking your inner Morticia.  The Adams family will have nothing on you when it comes to scaring appeal with sass.


What is your favourite Halloween look?  How do you keep your nails classy but on topic when it comes to such an event?  Share your best ideas and pics with us, and show us what you dressed up as! Do let us know what you think of our sophisticated Halloween nails!

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