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Colour trends for 2018

Colour trends for 2018


So another year has started, and as always fashion bloggers everywhere are beginning to make their predictions for the coming year.  With that in mind, I thought it was time to have a look at this years predicted trending colours and how you can match nails to these trends.  

What Will be Hot?

In terms of colours in 2018, the following colours are set to take centre stage and featured on catwalks at the end of last year as designers wowed us with their Spring collections. 

  • Orange

  • Yellow

  • Lavender 

  • Pink

So, how does this work with nails?  Let’s take a look


Now, orange is a statement colour, so you need to accessorise with care.  Choosing nails to go with your stunning orange outfit requires a subtle approach you do not want to overdo things 

Drawing the Line

This beautifully linear design looks modern and sleek, while still retaining a feminine and timeless classic edge. These stylish nails will go well with everything you wear and will guarantee you'll be bang on trend and the belle of the ball, whatever the occasion.


Another bright colour requiring a more toned down stunning nail that oozes class and style.  However, we are going to suggest you play to the strength of the brilliant tone and choose a more in your face nail!

Golden Camouflage

If you don't want your nails to blend into the background, get these gorgeously golden camouflaged nails and grab more attention than a zebra. Gild your tips with these golden Squoval beauties and you're guaranteed to garner endless, enviable looks.


Accessorising with lavender does depend on the shade you have chosen. The catwalks are buzzing with dark purples to pale, delicate lavenders so select your nails with care.  Here is one for the dark:

Dark Justice Matte Black

Striking, unique, and edgy, our Dark Justice nails have a matte black finish- but with a difference. This stand-out black on black design is not only elegant but perfect for any occasion too ideal to mix and match with our other matte black nails. A matte finish is hot right now; these luxurious matte finish false nails enable your fingertips to look both stylish and sophisticated

And for the light:


Nice and Natural

This subtly feminine nail was designed to give a beautiful natural effect. Wearing these will add a touch of polish and class to your fingers, and will add that extra special something to everyday outfits. Livening up your look on days when you should dress down is a breeze, with these natural looking, Squoval nail tips. 


Here you can contrast or clash. Pink is a great colour to create clashing colours because although they might not go entirely, the pink tones mean they will create a statement rather than look out of place. 

Glitter Wave Pink

Our unique Glitter Wave blush design will be to your fancy. Our original and sexy design are now made even better, with our new, ultra-fashionable stiletto format. With these nails, you can enjoy an instant hit of cool, no matter what else you're wearing. Catch the Glitter Wave and feel blingtastic!

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