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New Year, New Business?

New Year, New Business?


So, Christmas Day has gone for another year. On Boxing Day we lazed around eating sweets and watching films we have seen many times before, but they have to be viewed again at this time of year.  Once those couple days have passed for many people, it is time to get back to work.  If you have a business based in the beauty you may be considering your options for the coming year.  A lot of business owners will be thinking about 2018 and make plans to expand their shops and increase their clientele.  If you are a salon or beauty retains have you considered Bling Art as an excellent resale partner?  For importers and distributers the same could apply!


About Bling Art 


Bling art is a British Brand that specialises in false nails for women who love nail art. 

Our brand was created in 2014 and is renowned for creative originality and uncompromising quality; perfect for fashion-forward women of today. 

What differentiates us is our nails are made from quality raw materials and finished to a standard which makes us a credible alternative to the traditional salon. 

We are the only Brand in the world that offers women the choice to mix and match thereby creating their unique look.


Our Company Philosophy


To Create quality products with bundles of choice so you can create your unique look, choose your colours and most importantly change/remove without causing irreparable damage to your actual nails. 

    •    We believe women DO NOT WANT the same nail colour for four to six weeks.

    •    We doubt any woman enjoys the process of having her nails filed, glued, painted, then baked for up to an hour and paying a premium for the privilege.

    •    We do not think it is easy to keep nails in a pristine condition (protected for a whole month) more often than not, one or more nails get damaged, and it ruins the entire effect.

    •    We do not want to keep going back to have "infills" or “treatments”; life is busy enough.

Most important we think it is better for you if you wear nails for a week or so and give your actual nails time to breathe more regularly.

Nail art is all about fun and colour, not causing long-term damage.


Features and Benefits:


Fact: Women who buy and wear false nails do so on a regular basis.

Our Business model is simple; we want to work with partners who understand Nail Art is repeat business.

Partners who want to offer a premium product to their loyal customer base thereby creating repeat custom and increasing footfall today and into the future.


What makes our proposition unique?


We offer a complete mix and match selection of nails – the most extensive selection online.

Our nails are mix and match compatible – What this means is our nails can be mixed as they complement each other thereby creating a different look each time.

With such a large selection available in finishes to die for; you can quickly offer a bespoke service where your customers can either buy our product as a set for £6.99

Or they can purchase the mix and match model, and you charge a £3.00 “fitting fee”.

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