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Do You Have Royal Nails?

Did you know that there are strict rules on how the royal ladies must wear their nails.  Sadly this means I will have to decline any advances from single royal men (are there even any left now Harry is married?) The news from the palace is that bright or long nails are out, which frankly means we are feeling a little bit blue. 

The Rules

Set out by HRH Queen Elizabeth herself, the royal decree means that sadly our falsies would be banned, which is a shame as we would have loved to have sent Meghan some for her big day.  The queen has dictated that nails must be short and manicured at all times and only nude or pale pink varnishes can be used.  Apparently false nails as totally taboo, but we do wonder if anyone would notice if we snuck in a set of squoval nails.

Princesses in Pink

So far Meghan Markle seems to have taken to royal nail tradition with ease.  In all public engagement since her and Prince Harry announced their engagement, her nails have passed inspection with either a natural look or a pale buff of pink shade that won’t upset her majesty.  Even on wedding days, the young brides are prevented from going off book, with Kate sporting a pale shade on her big day.  It seems that princess life might be a little more strict that we had hoped, and certainly not like the fairytales! 

Could we Sneak These in?

Now, as we mentioned early, squoval nails match the perfectly to the shape regulations so we wonder if we could sneak these nails in, as they match the colour rules too.  We also think that either of the new princesses would look fabulous in our coffee and cream nails.

Manicurette Medium Strip - Squoval Medium

This subtle, chic, and feminine nail contains a larger tip than most French manicured styles, but don't let size fool you! This is an elegant, simple style that’s so natural looking, even those who get up close to you will be hard-pressed to tell it's not the real thing!

Manicurette Small Silver Strip - Squoval Medium

A simple, classic, manicure style with a thin line of silver to add a sliver of elegance. Sometimes less is more, and with this timelessly classy Squoval nail, simplicity definitely trumps fuss. Wear these for natural-looking tips that feel and look every bit as authentic as natural nails do.

Coffee & Cream - Oval Medium

Embrace your sweet side with these addictive beige-hued oval nails, finished off in a chic metallic matte. Beige is always beautiful and matches well with anything you wear, and with the on-trend finish of these sweetly tempting nails, you'll look simply irresistible.

Coffee and Cream - Ballerina Coffin Long

Coffee with cream is a must-have for many people in the morning and when you wear these you'll be someone they just can't do without. Add these appetising pearlised nails to your daily routine and up the glam factor while staying subtly chic.

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