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Do You Love or Hate Rings

Do You Love or Hate Rings

When I was a little girl, my Nanna used to tell me that the only ladies that wore lots of rings were ladies of the night.  I always thought this was a strange thing to say, as she herself wore a single gold band on her left hand because she had married my Grandpa many years before.  Strangely what she was trying to say was that she didn’t like lots of rings on fingers. However, as I got older, I found my own style and for a long time wore many rings, including in time my own wedding ring, engagement ring and eternity ring.  Now the time has gone on, I wear just three rings but do not consider this to be anything other than my personal choice of fashion. How do you feel about rings?  How many do you wear?  How do you choose?


Pick a Metal

When I was younger I tended to wear loud dress rings, you know the kind, they turn your finger green when you have worn them for more than an hour.  A sign of cheap metal to be sure.  Now, I tend to favour silver rings as I believe these best suit my skin tones.  I feel my skin is too pale to wear gold rings and tend to stick to my beloved silver.  Of course, you can also get white gold which is silver in colour.  Gold also comes in rose gold, so there really is a lot of choices out there.








Some of my rings have been simply because I thought they were pretty but over the years some have come and gone that had more sentimental reasoning.  I was given a lovely ring as a leaving gift from a job I had loved, and I wore that ring for many years as it was attached to happy memories, sadly over time the metal wore and the stone fell out.  I could have had it repaired of course, but at the time I choose to retire it from my collection.  I have a ring I wear now that bears the names of my sons, and that will probably stay with me overall time.  My mum wears her mum's wedding ring, now that my beloved Nanna has left this world.  Their hands were so different in size she wears it on her little finger. 








I tend to stick to my chosen rings and often do not remove them to sleep.  They come off when I moisturise my hands and go straight back on.  Other than that I don’t really bother to change them or add to them.  However, I know many friends that have lots of dress rings for special occasions, and it is fair to say that rings draw the eye.  I have my fabulous false nails to do that for me now, so my rings tend not to be the part that makes the statement.  I leave that to the beautiful array of false nails I own, and those I do change to suit the occasion. 

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