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Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Summer is coming (honest it is).  When the sun shines it is a great time to break out the summer dresses and accessorise to the max.  We have some awesome pink nails in a range of lengths and shapes that are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit.


Nice & Natural Pink - Oval Medium






Bright and bold, this girly yet sophisticated design is perfect for goddesses who love girly style. Ideal for when you want to have fun yet still want to stay looking chic, these nails will add the ideal touch of ladylike polish to your look.






Magenta Pink - Ballerina Coffin Long






Stunning and bold, magenta represents universal love at its highest level. It also promotes compassion, embodies the essence of femininity and encourages self-esteem. Decorate your fingertips with our stunning gel Magenta ballerina nails and feel like a total goddess!






Fuchsia Gel Pink - Almond Stiletto Long






Bring a touch of instant exoticism into your life with our bright and bold Fuchsia Almond Stiletto gel nail. The Fuchsia flower is known for its exotic, sensual beauty, and with these shimmering stiletto tips you're guaranteed to make a blooming great impact.






Glitter Wave Pink - Squoval Medium






Pretty pink is the perfect colour of love, symbolising dreamy days of romance. Get gorgeously girly fingertips with our cutest ever blush glitter wave Squoval set, and sport flirtatiously feminine nails in a flash!






Flutter & Fun - Squoval Medium






A perennially popular butterfly design combined with a dusky pink pastel shade makes for an ultra-pretty and highly feminine effect. This flutter and fun Squoval shaped nail captures the essence of your femininity perfectly, and is the ideal nail choice to wear if you’re in a fabulously flirty mood.






Our nails can be applied professionally in a salon or in the comfort of your own home. The range we offer allows you to mix and match thereby creating your own unique look.  You could have 2 sets and create your own unique pattern.  Have a set with patterns and a set with plain, the choice really is yours, the only limit is your imagination!






Take advantage of our buy 3 get 1 free special offer and kick start your Nail Art journey today.






What is in the box? 24 medium size nails (12 sizes), a 2-gram glue stick, mini nail file and a wooden cuticle stick.






Simple to use: Bling Art offers the perfect choice for those who love salon nails but do not have the time to sit in the chair for hours. Apply at home in moments for an excellent look.






Bling Art nails are suitable for up to 5 days wear and come with added UV top coat to offer resistance to scratches and longevity of shine. 






Trusted Seller: All our nails are internationally certified. Wholly EU compliant thanks to our decision to only work with the highest quality virgin ABS acrylic during the manufacturing process. Our glue is SDS tested and approved.






Why not pop over to the website and have a look!





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