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False Nails in Hospitals

If you have ever been admitted to hospital or visited your doctor, you may have been asked if you are wearing nail varnish or false nails and wondered what on earth that had to do with your health.  Surely your nails cannot cause your chest infection right? Right.  However, it was a popularly held belief in the medical world that false nails and nails varnish can have an impact on the oxygen/blood saturation monitor they put on your finger. 


This is great news as the fear could genuinely take precious time away from emergency treatment.  Previously hospitals had to have nail varnish remover and potentially have to try and remove nails and gel manicures in a panic as the patient needed life-saving assistance.  Even on more routine visits, the fear of getting the wrong information and potentially endangering the life of the patient was never far from their minds.  If you have ever had a surgery scheduled you will know that there is a list of things to remove from your body including all nail decorations and body jewellery.  This report could be a game changer.  The testing was rigorous and included various staged conditions that a patient could present with including restricted blood flow and constricted blood flow.  Overall it didn’t seem to matter what condition the patient might be suffering and more importantly what type of nail decoration they might be wearing.  It was concluded that there was a less than 1% effect on any readings which is negligible enough that the correct treatments would still be used.


So, it is safe to dress as you dare every day.  The old adage that suggests you need to have clean underwear in case you were knocked over, now becomes have the best and most head-turning false nails you can. The only risk is that you distract the medical professional with the sheer beauty of your nails. Here are two of the best red for danger nails to stock your nail wardrobe with.


Valentina Red - Ballerina Coffin Long


Get a rush of passionate intense colour as you fall for our Valentina Red Gel Nails. Finished to a high gloss shine, this beautiful gel nail now comes in a stunning ballerina coffin shape to ensure you’re always on trend. Adorn your fingertips with these fake nails and become the centre of everybody's attention.


Bling Art Gel nails are ready to wear and will give you a stylish salon professional look in minutes. These nails are vibrant, shiny and rich in colour. To give them extra sparkle, we embed glitter before applying a top UV coat.


Valentina Red - Ballerina Coffin Long


Vibrant and bold, the Ballerina coffin nail becomes dangerous with this passionate red variant. These bang on trend matte finish nails with crystals will make you a sensual and seductive femme fatale to be reckoned with, even if you pair them with the plainest of outfits!


Please note: Not all 24 nails have crystals, each set contains 8 nails with crystals and 16 without.


A matte finish is hot right now; these luxurious matte finish false nails enable your fingertips to look both stylish and sophisticated. With our wide selection of stunning shades, there’s a colour choice for every outfit you own.

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